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Still secret

SFPD won't allow public oversight of its surveillance work with the FBI, despite high-profile legislation requiring it

Privatizing the Botanical Gardens

Non-resident fees, exclusive events, and the transfer to a private group compromise what was a natural gathering spot

Beginning on broke

Mayor Lee falling short on youth employment pledge as millennials face tough job market

Small Business Commissioners support Pet Food Express over local stores

June 26, 2013
San Francisco’s Small Business Commission has recently come under fire for its promotion of corporate interests and, most recently, advocating for an allegedly predatory...

Panel sees Orwellian overtones in NSA spying scandal

June 18, 2013
It is now public knowledge that the NSA has been spying on us (unless you’ve been living under a rock and, lucky for you,...

Scorning smokers

Tobacco crackdowns target e-cigarettes, despite their lack of secondhand dangers, raising questions about the basis of current bans