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Brutal fucking movie

An exquisite corpse review of Inland Empire

Revenge of the sloth

It was a bad year of movies about boy-men


JUlY 27 EVENT Annalee Newitz The title of Guardian contributor Annalee Newitz’s weekly column, Techsploitation, is perfect on so many levels: she has a Ph.D. from Berkeley,...

Swordplay time

The tug in the 2003 girl samurai flick Azumi between that J-cult of kawaii, cute — as embodied by the button-nosed, bee-stung-lipped assassin Aya...

Monstrous politics

› monster@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I didn't want to see it, and then I did. When Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest came out, I was...

Gnaw on this

› cheryl@sfbg.com There's always room for another film festival in this town, especially when said fest is drowning in blood, guts, and supernatural...

Love bites

As any George Romero fan knows, it's utterly impossible to contain a zombie invasion. No San Francisco–set discussion of reanimated corpses should go without...

Blood brothers

DIY filmmakers Rick Popko and Dan West pursue guts and glory

Zombies are back!

Chris D. reanimates a classic LA punk incarnation of the Flesh Eaters

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, all right already

SONIC REDUCER In the best of all music fans' worlds, an album will grow on you — like lichen, excessive body hair, or a...

Regis lives

CHEAP EATS "Show me a sane man," Jung said, "and I will cure him for you." I saw this on a...

Feeling everybody up

One of the things I love about that place known fondly as "the Interwebs" is the way it allows researchers to graph things that...

Noise: The Guardian’s new music blog

Our SXSW recap and much more.

NOISE: SXSW, fantasy softball, part 3

OK, I swear, this is it. Enough SXSW, already. We gotta move on. So let's get it out of our system, down on blog,...