Goldies Dance winner Funkanometry SF

Earlier this fall Funkanometry SF celebrated their fourth anniversary at the same place, 111 Minna Gallery, that is hosting this year's Goldies ceremony and...

Tony rewards

› FILM FESTIVAL After a week of stealth watching at the Vancouver International Film Festival, you wonder about odd things. Such as: what's with...

All that jazz

The sax, violence, and noise of Wolf Eyes

Solomon’s, mine

Goodbye, bittersweet Tower.

Editor’s Notes

› The San Francisco Examiner reported last week that enrollment in the local public schools is down by another 1,000 students this year, which...

Allison inspires youth

OPINION I first saw Aimee Allison, District 2 candidate for the Oakland City Council, when she addressed a large, enthusiastic crowd of high school...

Got capsicum?

› With time, one finds oneself bidding fond farewells to one's spicehound friends. Oh, nothing changes too dramatically, except that bit by bit (or...

Deconstructing Destruction

Kali Yuga takes on the Bali bombing

Rock Doc

An interview with the passionate fans behind American Hardcore

Reagan youth regurgitated

American Hardcore brings it faster, louder, harder to the screen

East Bay races and measures

Editor's note: The following story has been altered from the original to correct an error. We had originally identified Courtney Ruby as running for...


Oct. 5 Visual Art “Who's Afraid of San Francisco?” Who's afraid of San Francisco? The whole world, it sometimes seems, including the people who live here. A...

Youth and Dan Kelly

By Tim Redmond Peter Lauterborn, former member of the San Francisco Youth Commission, weighs in on the School Board race at BeyondChron. His message: It's...

Boys? What boys?

Boyskout's leader Leslie Satterfield sets the Mission camp aflame


Oct. 1 Music Sonic Youth For 25 years, Sonic Youth have dutifully served as a gateway band. Just as the group has made room in its discography...

Hip buzz phrases

› TECHSPLOITATION Usually I don't let the PR e-mails get to me. My standard procedure is to review and delete these missives from alternate...

Oh TV, up yours!

Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, and TV Carnage chart the outer limits of piracy

Camp Hip

› Everybody seems to love Thai food, but the oohing and aahing is generally confined to the cooking. You don't hear much about the...


Sept. 6 Music Chromatics It’s easy to be confused about the Chromatics. The Portland group used to be a herky-jerky four piece made up of two men...

Outrageous fortunes

Fall Arts: Everybody wants Mission District painter Keegan McHargue

Regaining consciousness

East Oakland rapper Ise Lyfe spreads the word, makes his mark

The case against the JROTC

OPINION Make no bones about it: the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program of the US Department of Defense. Its purpose...

Fifteen, minute

Quinceañera celebrates details that summer blockbusters miss


AUG 2 Californian campaigns Come to a campaign finance reform panel with Kris Greenlee of California Common Cause; Maria Guillen of SEIU Local 790; and Dan...