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Pop psychology

This year, fathers loomed large (and caused havoc) at the multiplex

Year in Film: Jesse Hawthorne Ficks’ Eclectic 2013 Countdown

16. Oldboy (Spike Lee, US) and Drug War (Johnnie To, China/Hong Kong) Two films from two of the hardest-working filmmakers in the biz. Though...

Watch out!

THE YEAR IN FILM: Films in 2013 favored solo peril, moody self-discovery, and greed-fueled plunges

Bully pulpit

Why it doesn't "get better" for Carrie White

Spiking the box office

THE YEAR IN FILM: Looking back at a triumphant year for African American films

Of grumpy cats and Kony kings

YEAR IN FILM 2012: The video memes we couldn't get off our screens

Respect your elders

YEAR IN FILM 2012: Step aside, Spidey: old dudes were the real superheroes of 2012

They see me rollin’

YEAR IN FILM 2012: The "limo operas" of 2012: 'Cosmopolis' and 'Holy Motors'

Chick it out

YEAR IN FILM 2012: A new wave of female screenwriters emerged in 2012

This ain’t a wrap

An unexpectedly controversial German film about skaters challenges the establishment in more ways than one.

Harvey’s list

YEAR IN FILM 2012: Dennis Harvey's top narrative films and documentaries

Ficks’ picks

YEAR IN FILM 2012: Jesse Hawthorne Ficks' top films and performances of the year 

Reel love

YEAR IN FILM 2012: A look back at the superheroes and standouts of 2012 -- and a sly peek at 2013

Crazy, sexy (?), movies

YEAR IN FILM: Parsing the po-mo rom-com

On nostalgia

YEAR IN FILM: You've finally made a Muppet out of me

The brawn identity

YEAR IN FILM: Captain America: The First Avenger wins 2011's battle of the superhero movies

Zero for conduct

YEAR IN FILM: Contemplating the filmmaker as teacher

Hey girl

YEAR IN FILM: In praise of the actors who redefined "sex symbol" in 2011

Reel, reel good

YEAR IN FILM: Guardian movie critics unveil their favorite flicks from the year that was

Doom lens

YEAR IN FILM: Cheryl Eddy assesses 2011's cinematic contributions and wonders if the apocalypse isn't already upon us

Rate irate

YEAR IN FILM: Confidential to the Motion Picture Association of America: F-U

Past imperfect

YEAR IN FILM: Digging through the year in archival footage

Goal difference

YEAR IN FILM: Top 2010 doc The Two Escobars examines two sides of Colombian narco-soccer

Babes in bondage

YEAR IN FILM: Or, 2010's perfection-pursuing fatal femmes