The Muppets take San Francisco

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights

Singin’ and shillin’ with the Muppets

"Menah menah" anyone?

Only human

Humansville may leave you hopeful -- or disappointed

Full of Zizek

"The Pervert's Guide to Cinema" -- an appreciation

Save the green planet

Tsai Ming-liang sounds off about his beautiful visions of a horribly polluted world

Six ed

Going all the way with Six Degrees Records

Home court advantage

"Worlds Apart: Local Response" at YBCA

Vettin’ the vets

ODC/Dance Downtown

Chorophobics, beware

Fears of Your Life

CineKink 2007

Education to titillate -- or titillation to educate?


Jan. 15 EVENT “Bringing the Noise for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” Your day-off tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could stop at couching it and...

Fireworks and smoke

A song of love -- that answers one with Anger?

Looking up

Sales and salvation were art world keywords in 2006

Wholly noise

The Brutal Sound Effects Festival aims high at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

NOISE: Burn, babies, burn

It's a whole lotta noise in a teeny tiny package: Deluxe Incinerator, C.I.P.'s three 3-inch CD collection of disc by Bay noise nabobs SIXES...

Goodbye PG

The educational documentaries you can't take your kids to see

Head of Hopper

The Last Movie: Dennis on a plate

Naughty is nice

ConteXXXtualizing Shortbus. Plus: Swinging Scandinavians!

Weather channeling

David Dorfman's latest finds inspiration in activism


Aug. 31 Music Sampling Oakland Performances Oakland’s immensely vital arts scene gets some much-deserved reverence in one of the Yerba Buena Center’s current visual art installations, Sampling...

Yay Area five-oh

Fifty ways to rep film in your fall calendar


1. "Prophets of Deceit" As assorted "powers" turn the fear factor up ever higher, you don't need to be Mel Gibson (phew) to see...


TWO PLUS TWO ERIN GILLEY'S PICKS 1. "365 Days/365 Plays" Suzan-Lori Parks wrote a play for each day of the year. They'll be performed all year...

The jump off

Fall back — and leap forward with 10 upcoming dance highlights