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Best of the Bay 2011 Editors Picks: City Living

July 26, 2011
Best of the Bay 2011 Editors PicksCity Living BEST KEPT KITTY CLUB A horizontal open bag of kibble is not the only thing needed to...

In defense of tabloid journalism

July 13, 2011
Okay, I'll admit it -- I'm sad that Rupert Murdoch shut down News of the World. A lot of journalists are now out of...


May 10, 2011
THURSDAY 12What do radicals eat? Eat and talk politics with fellow revolutionaries at this fundraiser for the International Socialist Organization and its causes —...

When the feds come knocking

Electronic Frontier Foundation calls on major Internet companies to protect user privacy


March 15, 2011
WEDNESDAY 16Anarchist salon and potluck Get together with other anticapitalist and establishment-challenging folk at this month's anarchist salon, a monthly gathering and conversation followed...


February 22, 2011
THURSDAY 24Benefit for Bradley Manning Raise funds to support U.S. Army soldier and accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning at this events, which features discussions,...

“My girlfriend is a hacker”: Inside the EFF party

February 18, 2011
On our way to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 21st Birthday party, my programmer friend explained to me why, if it weren’t for the work...

Not forgotten

The SF Arts Commission Gallery's "Afghanistan in 4 Frames" brings together images from a quartet of photographers. SFMOMA's mammoth exhibition "Exposed" errs on the side of excess.


February 8, 2011
WEDNESDAY 9Know your rights On Sept. 27, 2010, the FBI raided the Chicago home of Arab American Action Network Executive DirectorHatem Abudayyeh and the...


January 11, 2011
alert@sfbg.comWEDNESDAY, JAN. 12 Bradley Manning rally Take the streets to protest the Berkeley City Council for backing down on plans to demand the freedom of...

Smell something rotten?

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting's P.U.-litzer Awards for worst journalism gaffes

San Francisco activists denounce WikiLeaks crackdown

December 17, 2010
A small group of protesters gathered outside the British Consulate in San Francisco’s financial district Dec. 16 to speak out against the recent crackdown...

Our weekly Picks: December 15-21, 2010

WEDNESDAY 15MUSICBuzzov*en Legendary sludge metal band Buzzov?en has been wandering the wilderness since the early '90s, its members ping-ponging between different down-tuned, drugged-out projects....

Live Shots: Roger Waters’ epic “The Wall,” HP Pavilion, 12/08/2010

December 10, 2010
In the minutes before Pink Floyd mastermind Roger Waters took to the stage at HP Pavilion earlier this week to perform the band's epic 1979 double...

SFBG Radio: From Wikileaks to class warfare

December 3, 2010
In today's episode, we talk about Wikileaks, why there's more outrage about embarassing leaks than about really dangerous leaks -- and why everybody's so...

WikiLeaks: demystifying diplomacy

With the nation's ongoing war efforts at full throttle, the contradictions between public rationales and hidden goals cannot stand the light of day

There are no secrets

November 29, 2010
I see Hillary Clinton is all indignant about the latest Wikileaks release. And there will be no end of hand-wringing in journalistic and political circles...

Wikileaks, military families and the importance of voting rights

October 25, 2010
As Wikileaks' Iraq war logs continue to reveal the disturbing reality of Bush's illegal war, and its founder, Julian Assange, continues to be demonized...

Censored in a brave new world

September 14, 2010

Project Censored: The top 10 big stories the major news media didn't report in 2009

FAIR: WikiLeaks and the U.S. Press

July 30, 2010
Media resistance to exposure of government secrets The website WikiLeaks posted tens of thousands of classified intelligence documents relating to the Afghanistan War...

Wikileaks releases classified Afghan War diaries

July 25, 2010
Wikileaks has released thousands of classified files about the war in Afghanistan. These Afghan war diaries provide a unique insight into what's happening on the ground....

Chilling footage of journalists getting shot in Iraq

April 5, 2010
By Nima Maghame and Rebecca Bowe On July 12th, 2007 two apache helicopters attacked the small suburb of Al-Amin, Iraq. More than two dozen...

China’s internet censorship: what to do?

April 11, 2008
For those of us in the free speech and free press line of work, China's censorship of the internet is a major practical and...

Freedom of Information: The leaks go on

A federal court judge says prior Wikileaks ruling was unconstitutional