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Immigration battle at the DCCC

March 25, 2009
By Tim Redmond The issue before the Democratic County Central Committee tonight is immigration, and delegates will face a pair of conflicting resolutions. In reality,...

Peepshow: They’re all gonna laugh at you!

March 16, 2009
Each week Justin Juul highlights a rad upcoming local sexy event Who Remember the girl who sat in front of you in freshman math class?...

Supervisorial candidate excuses police abuse

By Steven T. Jones Scott Wiener seems to have a real zeal for his job as a deputy city attorney defending San Francisco against police...

Downtown marshals its forces

February 13, 2009
By Tim Redmond The folks who got their collective asses kicked in last fall's elections also got the message -- that their politics, their candidates...

Sex and salad

Saigon Cuisine in Santa Rosa

DCCC endorses….

The newly elected progressive block of the local Democratic Party flexed their muscles during tonight's endorsements. It was a full house, with only Rep....

Peskin wins DCCC chair

Before the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted tonight on its new chair, Chris Daly told me the vote was going to be...

DCC vote: Does Peskin have it?

July 18, 2008
Chris Daly and Robert Haaland are reporting that Aaron Peskin has lined up the votes to become the next chair of the San Francisco...

Real money, false arrest

Why is the City Attorney's Office aggressively trying to overturn a good police accountability ruling?

The Fourth of July in Rock Rapids, Iowa, 1940-53

July 3, 2008
The good old days in Rock Rapids, Iowa, the Fourth of July, l940-53 By Bruce B. Brugmann (Note: In July of l972, when the Guardian was short...

Peskin for DCCC chair

We're not happy with the level of animosity here

Politics and sausage

Last night, I was reminded of the old joke that people who like sausage and appreciate politics shouldn't watch either one being made. Less than...

Editor’s Notes

If Mark Leno had lost, he would have lost big

City Hall: New results

June 3, 2008
We have about 20 percent of the vote in now, and here's how it looks: Prop. A has gone up to 63 percent, and will...

City Hall: DCCC results

June 3, 2008
Remember, these are early absentees, but here's who's winning at the DCCC right now in District 13: Leslie Katz David Chiu David Campos Laura Spanjian Aaron Peskin Scott Wiener Robert Haaland Rafael...

G-Spot: Everyone’s a wiener

The GayVN Awards wrap the best gay dick of 2007 in an envelope of surprise

The Good Old Days in Rock Rapids, Iowa, The Fourth of July, l940-1953

June 29, 2007
By Bruce B. Brugmann (Note: In July of l972, when the Guardian was short a Fourth of July story, I sat...

The Nation blasts SF Weekly’s parent

June 29, 2007
By Tim Redmond Long, detailed article in the Nation this week by John Wiener on how sharply the LA Weekly has declined since Village Voice...

Death of fun, the sequel

NIMBY assault! Crackdown on nightlife and outdoor events continues, even as the backlash gains strength

G-string journey

A whirlwind Sunday afternoon tour of San Francisco strip clubs

The man behind America’s Biggest Dick

September 26, 2006
Dick Fucking Cheney is uncensored and exceptionally ornery in Bryan Boyce's short video America's Biggest Dick, which someone other than Boyce posted to YouTube,...

more results — DCCC

June 6, 2006
By Tim Redmond At City Hall More than half the precincts are in, and we know what the 13th AD Democratic County Central Committee will look...


June 6, 2006
For those of you who are still trying to vote, I'm really sorry that our endorsements haven't been available, but here they are: The Clean...