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Trading favors?

Randy Shaw quietly gets city funds for his Tenderloin Museum from a Mayor's Office he loudly promotes

Citizen Agnos comes on strong for Proposition B in support of his Athenian oath

June 2, 2014
By Bruce B. Brugmann  (with the complete  text of Art Agnos speech  to the  May 21 dinner of San Francisco Tomorrow) When Art...

Agnos offers waterfront development history lesson during SFT speech

May 27, 2014
I am delighted to speak to the members and friends of SFT about the waterfront tonight…and a special shout out to Jane Morrison...

Two views of the waterfront

Controversial developments proposed for Port of San Francisco property trigger public debate about who should control the city's valuable edge

Waterfront height-limit proponents praise Warriors arena move

In another waterfront win, the Golden State Warriors have backed off their original arena site to another spot by the bay. Multiple news outlets are...

Democratic party rejects bid to make waterfront development more democratic (UPDATED)

March 13, 2014
Note: This story has been updated (see below).The governing body of the San Francisco Democratic Party voted Wed/12 to oppose a controversial June ballot...

City ignores public on bus plan

EDITORIAL San Francisco's tech bus saga has proven to be a source of fascination to national and international media outlets. Blockades of Google, Apple,...

On the waterfront

Initiative would give voters a say on big waterfront projects that violate zoning standards

Voter Approval to Waterfront Development campaign officially underway

January 9, 2014
The campaign to subject big projects proposed for San Francisco’s waterfront to popular approval is officially underway, with the City Attorney’s Office today issuing...

Tale of two parties: Voters reject 8 Washington project

From the Election Night victory party for opponents of the 8 Washington waterfront luxury condo project, the overwhelming defeat of developer-backed Propositions B and...

How San Francisco should really be helping the Philippines

November 12, 2013
There were a couple good stories in today’s San Francisco Chronicle related to concerns the Guardian and its readers have sounded in recent...

Tale of two parties: Was the 8 Washington defeat a referendum on City Hall?

From tonight’s victory party for opponents of the 8 Washington waterfront luxury condo project, the overwhelming defeat of developer-backed Propositions B&C seemed to go...

8 Washington and the Warriors

June 11, 2013
I won't be a bit surprised if the Warriors start putting money behind Simon Snellgrove's efforts to win ballot approval for his 8 Washington...

The Warriors Arena: Art Agnos v. Gary Radnich

June 4, 2013
Here's a fun one: former Mayor Art Agnos debating the Warriors arena with Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger. Radnich has always been my favorite...

Some wins, some losses in Sacto

June 3, 2013
The state Assembly and Senate passed the usual flurry of bills on May 31, the last day for initial-house approval, with some unusual drama...

The Chron discovers the lack of waterfront planning

May 13, 2013
So the Chronicle's John King (who's generally not a bad architecture critic and really seems to understand city planning) finally discovered something that some...

Bike hot spots

Cycling in San Francisco is only as safe as its weakest links. Here are a few spots that need attention

The warriors arena: How are you going to get there?

The Warriors and the all-star lineup of nearly every political consultant in town launched a new public relations offensive this week with the release...

Editor’s Notes

What of waterfront contemplation if the Warriors Arena lands on the Embarcadero?

Indicator city

If cutting edge San Francisco can't meet the challenge of climate change and related environmental issues, are we all doomed?

Warriors Arena proposal rouses supporters and opponents

UPDATED Rival teams have formed in the last week to support and oppose the proposed Warriors Arena at Piers 30-32 as the California Legislature...

CPMC deal gets warm welcome despite some shortcomings

Even though the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the term sheet for the California Pacific Medical Center's hospital deal this week, comments from the...

Next, the Treasure Island sellout

March 11, 2013
Now that he's done such a bang-up job negotiating a deal for the CMPC hospital, leaving the supervisors to clean up the mess, does...