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Valentine's Day

NOISE: Valentine’s, Husbands…look out!

Ex's - you gotta hate 'em. The all-lady Husbands are proof positivo that you can rise above, take on the pard's name, and kick...

Lemongrass and old grease

Rasha Restaurant

Valentine’s Day shopping guide

‘Tis better to give than get dumped

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Plan a date with a view and ensure that, even if it’s a horrible night, at least its backdrop will look beautiful

Love rebuff

Indie = no pickups?

San Francisco lovin’

The pros and cons of sex and romance in the city by the bay

Valentine’s Day events

Parties, panties, and philanthropy

Keeping up with John Waters

Hairspray gets another 'do.

Writing wrongs

Billy Bragg keeps the progressive home fires burning and cynicism at bay.

Northern composure

Victoria's Shapes and Sizes unfold before our ears

The gadget diarist

› paulr@sfbg.com As a confirmed gadgeteer, I naturally feel a pang of genuine sorrow — and sometimes real...

Inside the belly of the dog

A blog on his birthday for Sasha