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The Guardian turns 40: some things never change

October 17, 2006
As we were working away on our 40th anniversary issue, we got a new lead from an unusual venue on a 40-year-old Guardian story:...

Casting off

New Alcatraz ferry service leaves unions, environmentalists, and city officials fuming on the dock

The business of censoring labor

Most people, of course, work for a living. They spend at least half their lives working and, in fact, define themselves by their jobs....

Democratic madness

August 24, 2006
By Tim Redmond The Democratic County Central Committee can sometimes be a zoo, but it's no joke: The endorsement of the panel gives tremendous credibility...

An Unhappy Anniversary for Labor

It was 25 years ago this month that Ronald Reagan struck the blow that sent the American labor movement tumbling into a decline it’s...

Whew! What a Best of Party last night!

August 3, 2006
What a splendid Best of Party last night at Club Six down in the inner Mission in San Francisco. Almost all of this...

Workers nights

Festival highlights 100 years of labor movement

The cable that bind s

Comcast bullies cities like Oakland with lawsuits, but pending state legislation and San Francisco's municipal broadband initiative could change how television gets delivered

A dose of reality on immigration

EDITORIAL The massive immigrant rallies, marches, and work boycotts on May 1 may have been an inconvenience to some, and the sight of tens...

Make Wal-Mart pay

EDITORIAL According to the University of California's Labor Center, the state spent $86 million last year paying for heath care and social services for...

Our annual guide to everything!

March 29, 2006
Once again, it's time to roll with the Superlist issue. The Guardian's "annual guide to everything," such as every bar with a shuffleboard table...

Marry, marry quite contrary

March 6, 2006
Bush has finally secured millions to promote marriage in "at-risk" communities.

Bolivia’s ballot-box revolution

 The timid rays of the sun receded from the Bolivian tropical savannas, bathing the valleys and disappearing behind the Andean mountains, on the afternoon...