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› TECHSPLOITATION I love a good alternate history yarn for the same reason I love science fiction. Both genres analyze present-day trends by projecting...

Editor’s Notes

› The San Francisco Examiner reported last week that enrollment in the local public schools is down by another 1,000 students this year, which...

SPECIAL: Scary monsters and supercreeps

Scaring up Halloween and Día de los Muertos events around the Bay

Online Exclusive: Method Man at the crossroads

Sitting down with the Wu-Tang Clan man

Joy sticks

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and a big fat bowl of Froot Loops

The first 40

40th Anniversary special: How we made it against all odds — and why we'll be here for the duration

CLUBS: Hot gay Chilidog

New fabulous intern Chris Cooney hit up DJ Bearded Lady's new Tuesday night shindig, Chilidog (named after the Guardian's second favorite sex act) at...

3 reasons to visit Cody’s in Berkeley this Saturday Oct. 14

By Sarah Phelan Former Biosphere 2 crew member Jane Poynter speaks with a endearing British accent, says “bloody” when she gets excited and believes the...

Ki-ki-ki … ah-ah-ah

It's Friday the 13th -- just the very day I like to dust off my hockey mask, hustle to the nearest lake, and start...

Static shock

Sam Shepard's The God of Hell: wake up and smell the bacon

Reagan youth regurgitated

American Hardcore brings it faster, louder, harder to the screen

Subtle and sincere

Forget the Killers, but Hold Steady


› I get a little nervous when I hear prominent Democratic leaders talking about how important it is to elect John Garamendi lieutenant governor....

Poppin’ and popcorn

Well, this comes as absolutely no surprise. As the Hollywood Reporter noted today, Newmarket Films is running into difficulties with the distribution of Death...

Rock till you drop

Hyphy or just plain hyped? The Mall aren't buying the retail pop narcotic.

Naughty is nice

ConteXXXtualizing Shortbus. Plus: Swinging Scandinavians!

Roughin’ Justin

If only he'd stuck to his cheesy pistols ...

Why does the OES fear KGO-TV?

The controversy over obtaining copies of San Francisco's disaster plans

Oh the humanity — and the genius of TV Carnage

A poodle-permed Rosie O'Donnell horrifying John Ritter? John Walsh in full effect? It's all in a day's tele-trawling for Derrick Beckles, aka Pinky, of...

Grizzly man

Grizzly Bear's Yellow House is warm and welcoming

Lennon’s boom

› SONIC REDUCER Which John Lennon did you know? Initially, I was too young to know him as anything more than the moptop behind...

Save KQED! Vote No!

EDITORIAL KQED, San Francisco's venerable public radio and television outlet, is trying to summarily abandon internal democracy. The station's management is sending out letters...

Oh TV, up yours!

Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, and TV Carnage chart the outer limits of piracy

The man behind America’s Biggest Dick

Dick Fucking Cheney is uncensored and exceptionally ornery in Bryan Boyce's short video America's Biggest Dick, which someone other than Boyce posted to YouTube,...