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Creative Manufacturer: Fat Dog’s World Famous Subway Guitars

April 25, 2006
1800 Cedar, Berk.(510) 841-4106For 38 years, a man named Fat Dog has been serving as Berkeley's own musical Dr. Frankenstein.As the owner of Fat...

20 questions for Fiona Ma

Sup. Fiona Ma, who is running for state Assembly, last week decided to skip an endorsement interview that she scheduled with the Guardian -...

Dede Wilsey’s whoppers

De Young Museum patrons lie about the impact of Golden Gate Park road closures

March of the ants

The Zapatistas' other campaign enters its third month on the road

The condo war continues

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Planning Department is having a little trouble dealing with the fact that — for the moment — no more condo...


It still boggles my mind: One of the most significant development issues in years came to a head last week at the City Planning...

SF’s economic future

Sometime early this spring, while most of Washington, D.C. was watching the cherry trees bloom and thinking about the impending Iran-contra hearings, a few...