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Toronto International Film Festival

Stuck inside of Toronto with the movie blues again

September 11, 2007
Day Five of the Toronto International Film Festival: I had to make a Bob Dylan pun above because today I saw I'm Not There,...

“It’s meant to be funny!”

September 10, 2007
Day four of the Toronto International Film Fest: So, I was wrong. Nick Broomfield's Battle for Haditha isn't a documentary. Hell, it doesn't even...

Things that aren’t there anymore

September 8, 2007
Day three of the Toronto International Film Festival, and on the heels of Control comes Joy Division, a documentary about the groundbreaking (and heartbreakingly...

Sleep is for sissies!

September 7, 2007
Er, actually, I shouldn't say shit like that, considering whatever cruddy virus I carted from California to Canada is lingering, probably due to acute...

Love will tear us apart … and, uh, so will the bullets

September 6, 2007
Day one of the Toronto International Film Festival. New this year: badges with bar codes. Now, when you enter a screening room, they zap...

Spaghetti eastern

Johnnie To's Exiled (John) Woos Leone

High-risk headbanging

August 22, 2007
The Toronto International Film Festival posted their schedule today, and among the docs is something called Heavy Metal in Baghdad -- a behind-the-scenes...

Stalk tips

Andrea Arnold's stellar film "Red Road" scrutinizes grief and reconciliation

God of monster

An interview with Boon Joon-ho

Poppin’ and popcorn

October 6, 2006
Well, this comes as absolutely no surprise. As the Hollywood Reporter noted today, Newmarket Films is running into difficulties with the distribution of Death...

Trash hits Toronto: part two

FEST REPORT Because I'm psychotic, I jammed 22 movies into six and a half days at the Toronto International Film Festival — and was...

Toronto International Film Festival: Five for the road

September 14, 2006
B. Ruby Rich reflects on some of her favorite TIFF '06 moments. * The scene: the world premiere of Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing....

Toronto International Film Festival: When Bond met Qui-Gon

September 14, 2006
Michelle Devereaux reports. Before the world premiere screening of Seraphim Falls at the Elgin Theatre Wednesday night, Pierce Brosnan acted gruff and uncomfortable onstage,...

Toronto International Film Festival: Viggo, we love you, yeah yeah yeah

September 13, 2006
Celebrity sightings? Michelle Devereaux just spotted God at this year's Toronto International Film Festival: Toronto, Wednesday, 12:09am: I have just left the Ryerson Theatre, where...

Trash hits Toronto

Bright lights and the heart of movie theater darkness

Toronto International Film Festival: Consider this

September 12, 2006
Michelle Devereaux is in Toronto. Here's her first report: “I’m hearing Oscar buzz!” a giddy audience member shouted after the second public TIFF screening of...

Toronto International Film Festival: Four score

September 11, 2006
Day five. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures.

Toronto International Film Festival: “If you kiss me, I’ll pop you in the fuckin’ balls.”

September 10, 2006
Believe the hype: Borat rules. It has a release date of November 3. I suggest you mark it on your calendar ... you will...

Toronto International Film Festival: The docs are in

September 9, 2006
Image of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, as seen in The U.S. vs. John Lennon, courtesy AP/WIDE WORLD PHOTOS.

Toronto International Film Festival: Quick weather report

September 9, 2006
It's raining in Toronto ... and New York City, setting for the weep-tastic Bollywood epic Never Say Goodbye, where no emotionally-charged moment passes without...

Toronto International Film Festival: Bright lights, and the heart of theater darkness

September 8, 2006
Author and critic B. Ruby Rich (who programmed TIFF's 2002 runaway hit and award winner Whale Rider) checks in with her first report from...

Toronto International Film Festival: “Revenge is good for business!”

September 8, 2006
Day two. Why can't every morning for the rest of my life begin with a Johnnie To movie?