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Flowers on the Rock

@Large: Ai WeiWei on Alcatraz" highlights contemporary struggles for freedom of expression

Curating the city

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: Gallery evictions signal a major shift in the art world, with the technology boom serving as the problem and its potential solution

Where to eat right now

Bacon Twix, rabbit curry, spicy panuozzo, avocado tacos: the hottest new spots in the city (that won't break your bank)


Take a look at the map on the front page and you get the point: Thousands of San Franciscans are getting thrown out of town

Bands on the Rise 2013

Teen surf pop, glam garage, Mission hip-hop, Brazilian shoegaze ... say hello to the vibrant new class of movers and shakers in the Bay Area's diverse music scene


Our annual Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards celebrate local artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other essential cultural movers and shakers

San Francisco Stories: The literary life

On our 46th anniversary, we tell tales of the city


Best Burrito, Best Drag Queen, Best Dentist, Best Street Fair .... more than 300 winners show the diversity and awesomeness of the Bay Area in our annual celebration.


Our 38th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun

The malling of San Francisco

National chain stores are flooding into a city that once led the nation in protecting neighborhood businesses and setting limits on commercial spaces

Bands on the Rise 2012

Moombahton mavens, doom metal masters, post-apocalyptic art wavers: 12 local music acts you need to know this year

Summer fairs and festivals

Get ready for the solstice with our guide to summertime fun 

Summer movie madness!

Blockbusters, indie picks, festivals, and more

Sounds of summer

Concert and music festival highlights from air guitar to Woodsist this season 

Rolling recreation

Three carfree dog days adventures

The essential SF bike map

Bike routes today, tomorrow, and still to come

The fun side of bikes

The Fossil Fool pushes bicycle advocacy in the direction of music, art and parties

Cycling race

Advocates for minority bike riders find ways to spread the word

The rise of bike culture

The streets of San Francisco aren't just for cars anymore

Bike Party!

San Francisco's newest group ride marks a less confrontational, more booty-shaking phase in the city's bike movement

Kids on bikes

San Francisco is seeing increased cycling ridership, yet children are being largely left behind

Cash not care

Downtown groups are spending big money and making telling alliances in this election

The Mitchell sister

Can a woman's touch at the top help change San Francisco's sex industry?

Democratizing the streets

Streets of San Francisco: An unprecedented political consensus on rethinking roadways is belied by nasty clashes over how to pay for it