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Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

What’s the difference between David C. and David C.?

October 7, 2014
The Bay Guardian news staff has been meeting with a host of politicians and local movers and shakers recently, to help inform our decisionmaking...

End mass incarceration

EDITORIAL We at the Bay Guardian wholeheartedly support the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and its call for the month of October to be "a...

Ammiano “angry” as Brown vetoes prosecutor misconduct bill

September 29, 2014
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano strongly criticized Gov. Jerry Brown today for yesterday vetoing his Assembly 885, which would have provided modest sanctions for prosecutors...

Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

Tom’s legacy

As Ammiano returns from Sacramento, can he help revive San Francisco's progressive spirit?

Did Big Soda swing a key endorsement by a progressive democratic club?

Did the soda industry buy a prominent progressive political endorsement? Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle raised the question in a story by Heather Knight, who...

Who will San Francisco Dems back in November?

August 12, 2014
In a city dominated by Democrats, the endorsements of the San Francisco Democratic Party carry a lot of weight. Its slate card mailer, showing...

Alerts: July 30 – August 5, 2014

July 29, 2014
WEDNESDAY 30 Screening: The Internet's Own Boy David Brower Center, Goldman Theater, 2150 Allston, Berk. 7pm, $10 advance/$12 door/ $5 students This film tells the story of...

San Jose cracks down on pot clubs after eschewing SF’s regulatory approach

San Jose’s current (and harsh) crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries contrasts with San Francisco’s decade-old (and still working well) regulations.Over the last five years,...


As recycling centers close en masse throughout the city, small businesses may owe millions in fees

Pride and prejudice

How the attack on teacher tenure echoes through the movement for LGBT rights

As Ellis Act reform bill faced death, where was Ron Conway?

One week and one day -- that's how long Sen. Mark Leno has to push his Ellis Act reform bill through two committees in...

City College’s accreditors bow to pressure, amend rules to save CCSF

Keep City College of San Francisco open, or else.That's the message local and federal officials have drilled into City College's accreditors in recent weeks....

Chiu mailer highlights Guardian praise, despite our Campos endorsement

Politics is dirty business, and I should never underestimate the willingness of politicians to turn any editorial praise they receive into an electoral advantage,...

The legacy of Harvey Milk, and remembering the “Twinkie Defense”

Today is Harvey Milk's birthday, but are we celebrating the life of a champion for social justice, or only remembering his assassination? As San Franciscans...

Alerts: May 21 – 27, 2014

May 20, 2014
WEDNESDAY 21 San Francisco Tomorrow annual awards dinner Delancey Street Restaurant, 600 The Embarcadero, SF. www.sftomorrow.org. 5:30pm, $50. San Francisco Tomorrow will hold its annual...

Ammiano’s Prop. 13 reform bill moves forward with unlikely business community support

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano’s (D-SF) legislation to close a state loophole that has allowed big corporations and other commercial property owners to avoid paying higher...

Cycling to City Hall

Bike to Work Day's 20th anniversary shows how far we've come, but funding shortfalls show how far we have to go to create safe streets

Guardian endorsements

Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown — our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election

SF may go through Marin County to bypass CleanPowerSF subversion

Just in time for Earth Day, a renewed effort to reduce the city’s carbon emissions was introduced at the Board of Supervisors yesterday ....

Chronicle endorsement of Chiu shows that perspective is everything

It’s no surprise that the San Francisco Chronicle today endorsed David Chiu in his race to replace Tom Ammiano in the California Assembly, given...

SEIU-backed initiatives seek to cap healthcare costs and executive pay

Health care costs are skyrocketing across the country, but two proposed ballot initiatives in California are aiming to rein in health care spending, which...

SF’s culture of corruption

In many ways, San Francisco hasn't changed. It's still the old Barbary Coast, ruled by capitalist thugs and corrupt politicians, only with glossy modern spin