Landlord plaintiff in eviction fee case has history of tenant law violations

San Francisco landlord attorneys filed a lawsuit on Thursday against San Francisco and five tenants in an effort to overturn Sup. David Campos' new...

SF bankers now exporting tenant-displacing TIC loans

Fractional mortgage loans used to convert apartments into owner-occupied tenancies-in-common have fed the eviction and displacement crisis in San Francisco, where the median home...

Solving the housing crisis takes all San Franciscans, even big tech

 By Joseph Tobener  OPINION This week, San Franciscans learned that they will not be able to rely on Sacramento to fix the housing crisis....

Staying power

San Francisco tenants' movement rises up and sets the agenda

Supervisors approve condo legislation with veto-proof majority

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today voted to approve compromise legislation that will allow more than 2,000 tenancy-in-common homeowners to convert to condominiums...

Rival condo conversion measures finally up for board vote

Controversial condominium conversion lottery bypass legislation is finally headed for a vote by the full Board of Supervisors this Tuesday. Befitting legislation that has...

Condo bypass legislation now before the full board

Controversial condominium lottery bypass legislation -- sponsored by Sups. Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener but substantially modified by tenant group that strongly opposed the...

A win for the tenants

A compromise that actually improves the current situation and could help slow the wave of speculative evictions

You want scary? We’ve got an eviction map

April 30, 2013
You want to see something frightening on a lovely afternoon? Check out this amazing interactive map of Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco put...

The Chron gets the condo deal wrong

April 17, 2013
It's kind of a surprise that the Chron actually likes the (possible) condo conversion deal. That paper typically opposes anything that is good for...

Proposal would halt condo conversions for ten years

April 15, 2013
San Francisco Supervisors Norman Yee, Jane Kim and Board President David Chiu gathered with a cluster of tenant advocates at City Hall April 15...

No progress in condo conversion standoff, despite the Chron’s spin

Perhaps it was just an unfunny April Fool's Day joke or some wishful political spin, but the San Francisco Chronicle's April 1 article about...

Condo conversion compromise in the works despite Realtors’ resistance

Negotiations between tenant advocates and real estate interests (including the political advocacy group Plan C) over the controversial condo lottery bypass legislation haven't...

Compromised position

Mayor Lee's waffling on big issues is hurting the city's ability to cut the best deals for the public

Plan C, and the C stands for Condo conversions

February 21, 2013
No politically savvy San Franciscan has ever really bought the rhetoric espoused by the so-called “moderate” political action group Plan C that it's all...

Live Shots: Tomahawk at the Great American Music Hall

February 19, 2013
Tomahawk gave two rare live performances this weekend at the Great American Music Hall, the second of which this photographer attended, and — as...

Supes scramble to find TIC deal

February 14, 2013
Some San Francisco supervisors are scrambling to find an acceptable compromise that would prevent condo-conversion legislation by Sups. Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell from...

Two good questions for Mayor Lee

February 12, 2013
UPDATED When Mayor Ed Lee appears before the Board of Supervisors this afternoon (Tues/12) for the voter-mandated monthly “Formal Policy Discussions” (aka Question Time),...

No sympathy for TICs

February 11, 2013
Got a fascinating letter from a local lawyer named Richard Hurlburt, who has some thoughts on the TIC-condo conversion legislation sponsored by Sups. Scott...

Out of place

Evictions are driving long-time renters out of their homes -- and out of SF. Here are the stories of several people being evicted

Editor’s notes

Sorry we're not sorry, TIC owners -- the law applies to you, too

Norman Solomon: Verbal tics and political routines

January 30, 2013
By Norman SolomonNorman Solomon is co-founder of RootsAction.org and founding director of the Institute for Public Accuracy. His books include “War...

The machine

Sup. Scott Wiener is relentless, driven, prolific — and changing San Francisco in sometimes alarming ways

Housing stability for all

Think of the TIC owners, says Supervisor Wiener