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A tissue for Newsom

By Steven T. Jones Kudos for the Chron's Cecelia Vega for debunking Mayor Gavin Newsom's pity-party television interview, in which he said he may not...

The first 40

40th Anniversary special: How we made it against all odds — and why we'll be here for the duration


Event Ed Halter What is war good for? Besides lining the pockets of Dick Cheney’s fun bunch, it’s sure done a lot for the video game...

Sickness in short order

Neil Hamburger is served up with a side of yucks

Subtle and sincere

Forget the Killers, but Hold Steady

The final frontier

Aron Ranen surfs reality - to the moon and beyond

Save KQED! Vote No!

EDITORIAL KQED, San Francisco's venerable public radio and television outlet, is trying to summarily abandon internal democracy. The station's management is sending out letters...

Oh TV, up yours!

Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, and TV Carnage chart the outer limits of piracy


Sept. 11 Music Spencer Day Spencer Day is San Francisco's own portal to the past: Old Blue Eyes has nothing on this kid. Hailing from a highly...


Sept. 8 Visual Art “Coprophagiology” This is a colossal week for art openings - and the people behind “Coprophagiology” are out to grab your attention with a...

The business of censoring labor

Most people, of course, work for a living. They spend at least half their lives working and, in fact, define themselves by their jobs....

The runners-up

Here are the 15 runners-up:

Outrageous fortunes

Fall Arts: Everybody wants Mission District painter Keegan McHargue

Fall TV death match

The season brings tough choices for lovers of teen drama and power-acting

No Pasaran!

The crowds -- huge crowds -- protest a corupt election in Mexico City. But what's the endgame?

Television: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

Holy crap, dude. I think my eyeballs are bleeding. For the full selection of Dancing with the Stars contestants, including Tucker Carlson (sans bowtie --...


Aug. 25 Music Johnette Napolitano In Johnette Napolitano’s world, bullets are always aimed at the innocent, ghosts make perfectly acceptable bedfellows, and Russian angels are good inspirations...

Voto por voto!

A drama of Mexican civil resistance in five acts

Bitch’s brew

All women, all noise - meet 16 Bitch Pile-Up

AMLO Presidente!

16 days after Mexico’s election, it is difficult to imagine how Felipe Calderon, the winner by fraud, could actually govern Mexico

Burritos of the gods

Michael Showalter discusses humor, metahumor, sushi, and, er, metasushi

Carry on!

Praised be to the gods of fashion and addictive reality television ... season three of Project Runway is here. First challenge: create a look using...


JULY 16 FILM/MUSIC “Film Market” Ever wonder what your favorite nightclub would be like if it were a movie theater? Your idle speculation is no longer necessary!...

Sexy transmissions

Sublime Frequencies issue more transcendent sounds — and images — from across the pond