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Campos to Pride: City funding requires transparency, meeting about Manning decision

May 15, 2013
Over the weekend, Pride posted a Facebook note saying that, despite its promises, it would not be holding a public meeting to address its...

Party Radar: Save Esta Noche!

Many of us barely remember growing up there, meeting our first hot papi, trying out our first cha cha heels on stage, and living...

On a mission

Two Mission cops decided they'd rather get jobs for gang members than keep arresting them. And it's working.

Hearing called on America’s Cup “fundraising fiasco” as Mayor Lee talks about scaling back the event

February 12, 2013
Amid reports that San Francisco taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $20 million in America's Cup expenses because of anemic fundraising...

Milk’s real legacy

Forty years later, people are still telling Harvey he's too "divisive."

Local blogs fumble story of sex worker activist named legislative aide

December 12, 2012
We were thrilled to bits at the Guardian when St. James Infirmary's longtime program director and former Harvey Milk Club president Stephany Joy Ashley...

Giants’ revelers who crossed the line face charges

November 1, 2012
Yesterday's parade celebrating the Giants' World Series sweep almost went down without a hitch, no thanks to a handful of inebriated miscreants. Among...

Raise your skinny fists

Savanna Jazz struggles to keep its building, Clarion Alley Block Party is coming, Dirty Three and Saint Vitus hit SF, Godspeed releases its first album in a decade

Stop the presses: Sup. Elsbernd blasts B3 for Impertinent Questions on sunshine

May 30, 2012
Elsbern answers Impertinent Questions from B3 and  James Chaffee (Scroll down)         First off,  to your reference about still looking for me at QueSyrah, or...

End the health-care scam

Businesses charge a health-care surcharge then keep the money for profit.

End the healthcare scam

OPINION Last year, after receiving data from San Francisco, the Wall Street Journal reported on an investigation into the use of health reimbursement accounts...

Plastic bags banned from all SF stores

February 7, 2012
The Board of Supervisors voted to expand a 2007 ban on plastic checkout bags to cover all retail and food establishments.The law bans all...

Two clean energy tracks for SF

January 31, 2012

Small tweaks could make the city's road to sustainable power a lot less bumpy

Lessons from 2011 for 2012

November 14, 2011
With the release of precinct results for the 2011 election, we are able to actually see, for the first time, what San Francisco voters...

The city’s godawful computer problem

July 8, 2011
Mission Local has a stunning report on a Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee meeting, at which the supes tried to sort out the...

Welcome to the neighborhood, museum mural

April 15, 2011
Ellen and Lance Anderson are visiting their son in the Sunset, all the way from upstate New York. They'd read about the mural they're...

On the Cheap Listings

January 25, 2011
On the Cheap listings are compiled by Jackie Andrews. Submit items for the listings at listings@sfbg.com. For further information on how to submit items...

Open letter: The case for Campos

December 13, 2010
Editor's note: A group of progressive activists is organizing to urge the Board of Supervisors to elect Sup. David Campos as interim mayor. They're...

Beat patrols: A case study

October 19, 2010
If you want a case study that illustrates why San Francisco needs Proposition M, taken a look at Bernal Heights.In 2008, two people were...

Take me out to the ball game (just not in Arizona)

April 30, 2010
City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor David Campos are asking Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to seek an alternative to Phoenix, Arizona to...

Sit/lie debate takes a strange new turn

April 15, 2010
Emails are rocketing around San Francisco political circles in anticipation of an April 21 meeting of the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC), the policy-making...

Why Muni is in such trouble

The Municipal Transportation Agency has not had a management and performance audit since 1996. How is it that an $800 million operation can go for 14 years without that type of evaluation?

The Chronicle’s dishonest hit on district elections

February 28, 2010
The move to get rid of district elections – which is based entirely on the fact that big business and more conservative voices (including...

LAFCo to SFPUC: Hurry it up already!

January 27, 2009
Supervisor David Campos sent a clear message at the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) meeting on Jan. 23, emphasizing that he was eager to...