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Extra! Extra! Sunshine advocates beat the Anti-Sunshine Gang in City Hall

June 13, 2014
 By Bruce B. Brugmann And so the  Anti-Sunshine Gang in City Hall, which for two years has been conducting a nasty vendetta against the...

New appointments to Sunshine Ordinance Task Force may help government watchdogs grow teeth

In a win for government transparency, a slew of strong new appointments for a city government watchdog group cleared their first round of approvals...

The anti-sunshine gang intensifies its attacks on the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force in City Hall

May 29, 2014
By Bruce B. Brugmann   (with special sunshine vendetta chronology by Richard Knee)  The Guardian story in the current issue demonstrates in 96 point...

Supervisors play politics with Sunshine appointments

The Board of Supervisors today considers reappointing three Sunshine Ordinance Task Force members after the board’s Rules Committee last week blocked other qualified...

Sue Hestor’s 70th birthday party: “We Shall Overcome.”

February 5, 2014
By Bruce B. BrugmannPlus: Tim Redmond reports on Sue Hestor and her environmental legacy on his new local  website 48 Hills.org.  How do you...

Impertinent question for Sup. Malia Cohen

August 7, 2012
As attentive readers know, I get most annoyed when a "neighborhood" supervisor, who ran as a "neighborhood" candidate, gets to City Hall and then...

Fixing SF’s sunshine problems

Let's take our cues from Connecticut on this one

Stop the presses: Sup. Elsbernd blasts B3 for Impertinent Questions on sunshine

May 30, 2012
Elsbern answers Impertinent Questions from B3 and  James Chaffee (Scroll down)         First off,  to your reference about still looking for me at QueSyrah, or...

City attorney responds on sunshine task force attacks

May 30, 2012
B3 note: Here are responses from City Attorney Dennis Herrera to Impertinent Questions from B3 on why the city attorney helped facilitate the supervisorial...

Sunshine eclipse: Supervisors ramp up their war on sunshine

May 30, 2012
And so the San Francisco supervisors ramped up their war on sunshine on Tuesday (May 22) when they rejected five qualified candidates for...

Sunshine eclipsed

Supervisors reject Sunshine Ordinance Task Force members for stealthy political reasons

The war on sunshine

EDITORIAL The Rules Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors joined the war on sunshine May 17 when it rejected four qualified candidates...

Editorial: The war on sunshine

May 22, 2012
EDITORIAL The Rules Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors joined the war on sunshine May 17 when it rejected four qualified candidates...

The return of Willie Brownism to the sunshine task force

May 21, 2012
As an advocate for the passage of the  San Francisco sunshine ordinance and task force in the early 1990s, I felt obligated to take...

Guardian editorial: Saving money on sunshine

February 15, 2012
We hate to pick on Scott Wiener, who is a polite guy who always takes our calls and takes public policy seriously....

Ed Lee’s challenges

Five steps the recently re-elected mayor could take to honor the office

Guardian editorial: Mayor Ed Lee’s challenges

November 15, 2011
 Mayor Ed Lee has always talked about bringing the city together, about avoiding division and harsh conflict. And now  that he's won a four-year...

Ting wants instant public records

September 13, 2011
When Assessor and mayoral candidate Phil Ting came by for his endorsement interview, we talked about open government, and I mentioned an idea that...

Editorial: Making sunshine work in San Francisco

Fourteen times the Sunshine Task Force has asked the Ethics Commission for action on sunshine violations. And l4 times Ethics has dismissed thsoe cases with...

Newsom’s state secrets

It's difficult, and at times insanely difficult, to get even basic public information out of Newsom's office

Mayor Newsom’s YouTube hypocrisy

It appears the mayor just doesn't want anyone to see the sausage he's making

Sunshine Task Force shoe-in shot down

Chalk this one up in the “take nothing for granted” category. The Board of Supervisors at today’s meeting gave an empty seat on the...

Sunshine in the digital age

Information created by public agencies using public data should be public

Some impertinent questions for Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein

July 17, 2007
By Bruce B. Brugmann Chronicle Editor Phil Bronstein says the hope to save the Chronicle from its staggering weekly losses is more local news. So, after...