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Davis snags a trio of top progressive endorsements

August 10, 2012
District 5 supervisorial candidate Julian Davis is emerging as the progressive standard-bearer in that competitive race after today receiving the endorsements of a trio...

The malling of San Francisco

National chain stores are flooding into a city that once led the nation in protecting neighborhood businesses and setting limits on commercial spaces

No deal yet on business tax reform as competing measure are introduced

Mayor Ed Lee and his business community allies failed to reach an agreement with labor and progressives by today's deadline for submitting fall ballot...

Sup. Cohen answers some Impertinent Questions on sunshine

May 30, 2012
b3 Note:  I sent some Impertinent Questions to the supervisors who voted against Bruce Wolfe, an excellent task force member,  and for Todd David...

Stop the presses: Sup. Elsbernd blasts B3 for Impertinent Questions on sunshine

May 30, 2012
Elsbern answers Impertinent Questions from B3 and  James Chaffee (Scroll down)         First off,  to your reference about still looking for me at QueSyrah, or...

Facebook IPO: The good and the bad

May 18, 2012
Facebook went public and the people who got in at the initial price of $38 made a little money, but the stock is hardly...

What small business owners care about

May 17, 2012
Since the mayor's office still insists that any business-tax reform ought to be revenue-neutral, and since he and other continue to talk about the...

Our 2012 Small Business Awards

Honoring the local, independent entrepeneurs who make the city a better place to live, work, and play

Tax equity

With the business community divided, can labor and progressives force a business-tax reform that actually increases revenue?

Editorial: The business tax debacle

May 15, 2012
Labor and much of the progressive community worked with downtown and the Mayor's Office last year to craft a pension-reform bill that took away...

The mayor’s tech tax talks — and the legacy of the “Filthy 52”

April 30, 2012
Tech tax talks. I've always wanted to use that headline.And of course, the meetings in the Mayor's Office on the city's business tax involve...

2012 Small Business Awards: Reader’s Choice

April 23, 2012
In honor of Small Business Week, the Guardian presents its yearly honors for locally-owned enterprise. Businesses that give back, female and minority...

SOS: Vote to save the Small Business Administration!

March 9, 2012
Scott Hauge, the indefatigable founder and president of Small Business California, put out an email SOS today asking people to vote in a Wall...

The failure of Lee’s business tax plan

March 5, 2012
The Mayor’s Office and city finance officials are circulating drafts of a new business tax plan that would largely abolish the payroll tax and...

Herbwise: Shambhala Healing Center next on the federal chopping block

When Al Shawa, founder of Shambhala Healing Center, was asked about what he was going to do now that the federal government is trying...

Have conservatives hijacked the Small Business Commission?

February 24, 2012
Is the Small Business Commission really advocating for small businesses, or has the commission been hijacked by bankers and real estate developers aggressively pushing...

Will shutting down two businesses really ‘clean up’ the Tenderloin?

February 21, 2012
It was noon on the Jan. 30 when I broke the news to 24-year-old Amer Mousa that the City of San Francisco was filing...

Bubbles, rising rents, and the politicians who fuel them

February 17, 2012
After neither Mayor Ed Lee nor Sup. Jane Kim were willing to return my calls to discuss the implications of their economic development policies...

Lackluster finish to case that made serious political charges

February 16, 2012
A jury awarded the City and County of San Francisco $24,498 yesterday following its deliberations of a complicated civil case filed by the city...

Meet the new supervisor

How will Christina Olague balance loyalty to Mayor Lee with the needs of the city's most progressive district?

Downtown action: Sex shop Feelmore510 celebrates one year of community pleasure

February 7, 2012
The sex shop Feelmore510 is located on the corner of Oakland's Telegraph and 17th streets, across from an Obama campaign office, in between a...

Mayor Lee’s call for more hearings gets wary reception

January 26, 2012
Labor and the Left came out strongly against Mayor Ed Lee’s proposed charter amendment to require all city legislation be delayed and subjected to...

Who will push progressive taxes in 2012?

January 6, 2012
Mayor Ed Lee talked to the Examiner about his plans for the next year, and it's a lot of the usual political crap: I'm...

Battling big box

City officials and small businesses seek more studies and controls on formula retailers