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Mar calls for hearing on recycling center evictions

An eviction crisis of a different sort has hit San Francisco, as one by one, recycling centers are closing across the city. Supervisor Eric...

End poverty and create wealth with public banks

January 14, 2014
 By Ken Walden OPINION How would you like to increase your spending power by 10 times (or more), relieve student debt by more than...

In SF and Oakland, activists block tech buses to protest displacement

December 20, 2013
Between 70 and 100 protesters gathered at 24th and Valencia streets this morning (Fri/20) for yet another blockade of a private tech shuttle, this...

Parking and the gentrification of food

How catering to motorists makes groceries more expensive

Activists try again to stop Jack Spade

October 9, 2013
The fight to keep suspected formula retailer Jack Spade out of the Mission resumes this evening (Wed/9) when The Stop Jack Spade Coalition lays out...

Friends in the shadows

How developers, corporations, and city contractors buy influence in San Francisco City Hall -- a 47th anniversary Guardian special investigation

Corporate welfare booming

San Francisco's business tax breaks reach $14.2 million for 2012, up from $4.2 million in 2011

Corporate welfare boom: SF’s business tax breaks jump to $14.2 million annually

September 16, 2013
Business tax breaks instituted by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and other corporate-friendly local politicians to stimulate growth in tech, biotech, and cleantech, diverted...

Expand protections for small businesses

Jake Spade controversy shows need for more reforms

Activists say a pair of Spades could beat culture and small business in the Mission

Progressive activists and small business owners in the Mission are trying to draw the line against the creep the of corporate chain stores --...

Canned again

Safeway's two new recycling center closures add to impacts on small businesses and the poor

Jack Spade tries to sneak into a beloved Mission spot, triggering a community backlash

August 7, 2013
The Stop Jack Spade Coalition is throwing an impromptu fundraiser tonight (Wed/7) at the Make-Out Room to help support local business and oppose chain...

Mayor on local health care policy: “Everything is on the table”

July 30, 2013
A recent controversy has been brewing around San Francisco’s Health Care Security Ordinance, the 2006 legislation authored by then-Sup. Tom Ammiano that created Healthy...

Under fire again

Employers use Obamacare to launch fresh challenge to SF's healthcare safety net

Burning Bacon

An inside look at a neighborhood dispute that became an international media feeding frenzy — and it's all about bacon

BART contract negotiations resume

Business and political leaders are urging a speedy resolution to the BART strike tonight as negotiations between Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Amalgamated...

Small Business Commissioners support Pet Food Express over local stores

June 26, 2013
San Francisco’s Small Business Commission has recently come under fire for its promotion of corporate interests and, most recently, advocating for an allegedly predatory...

The Chron’s token conservative on tech hegemony

June 6, 2013
It's always fun when things are so screwy in town that the leading conservative writer at the Chron starts to agree (even just a...

Weekend watch: 2 ways to mark this SF moment in the Mission [UPDATED]

As of late, it seems as though the cries of anti-displacement activists and small business owners threatened with dramatic address changes have penetrated the...

Small Business Awards 2013

May 14, 2013

Bayview martial arts, Mission pan dulce, Chinatown foodies, sexy snaps, and more make the scene in this year's tribute to creative entrepreneurship

Small Business Awards 2013: Shameless Photography

You chose body-positive boudoir shots for this year's Reader's Choice Award

Small Business Awards 2013: Babette

A commitment to homegrown style won this year's Local Manufacturing Award

Small Business Awards 2013: It’s-It

Golden Survivor Award indeed -- these icecream sandwiches have been around for 85 years

Small Business Awards 2013: R&G Lounge

Chinatown's special occasion standby takes home our Employee-Friendly Busines Award