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Remembering Gary Webb, the fallen messenger resurrected on film

October 9, 2014
I always enjoy seeing fellow journalists and their work celebrated in a Hollywood blockbuster such as Kill the Messenger, which opens tomorrow. It’s even...

Now that Willie Brown is a lobbyist, will the SF Chronicle finally cut him loose?

Years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle handed Willie Brown a megaphone, but now that he's officially recognized as a paid lobbyist, isn't it time...

Go do this thing tonight: Tell Supes Chiu and Campos how to make SF nightlife better

September 10, 2014
Are you sick of San Francisco being a town that shuts down at 2am (and more realistically about an hour earlier)?Are you annoyed that...

Guardian Intelligence: August 27 – September 2, 2014

August 26, 2014
 REAL EARTHQUAKE SURVIVALHeavens to Betsy! An earthquake hit wine country, and the upper-middle class are dealing with spilled rivers of their favorite cabernet. While...

Burning Man shark jump creates media pile-on

August 25, 2014
We seem to have tapped into the meme of the moment with last week’s cover story, “Burning Man jumps the shark,” which took issue...

Guardian Intelligence: July 2 – 8, 2014

July 2, 2014
GUARDIAN ON THE MOVEThere were a couple of big changes for the Bay Guardian this week. We and our sister newspapers within San Francisco...

Guardian on the move: Into the mall, under new management

There were a couple of big changes for the Bay Guardian this week. We and our sister newspapers within San Francisco Media Company —...

Guardian Intelligence: June 25 – July 1, 2014

June 24, 2014
The Bay Guardian is moving — into the mall. Yeah, we know, it struck us the same way initially. But the space we'll be...

Happy Hour: The week in music

June 20, 2014
Hey you. Yeah, you. Are you still sitting at your desk, despite it being a beautiful day outside, and despite the proximity of large-screen...

Who moved my cheese?

THE WEEKNIGHTER: Roar and whimper, Lion Pub's seen plenty of change

Cash backwards

Ten things San Francisco should fund -- and 10 things it shouldn't -- to create a fair, equitable, and forward-thinking city budget

Guardian Intelligence: May 14 – 22, 2014

May 13, 2014
 SOUNDTRACK TO THE CITY What exactly does a "sound sculpture" look like? We're not quite sure either, but judging from what we've heard about...

Tune in to Alternative Ink, the Guardian’s radio show LISTEN NOW

May 9, 2014
Greetings, Guardianistas, we’re making the leap from your eyeballs to your earholes with Alternative Ink, our new radio show on BFF.fm, San Francisco’s best...

Ownership in Guardian’s parent company may shift

Greetings, Guardianistas. Almost a year ago, when we went through a management struggle here the newspaper, I promised to let readers know if we...

Drinking with DiMaggio

THE WEEKNIGHTER Rounding the bases at Double Play bar

Politics over policy

Paid Sunday parking meters benefit drivers, businesses, and Muni riders. So why did the plan get killed?

Waterfront height-limit proponents praise Warriors arena move

In another waterfront win, the Golden State Warriors have backed off their original arena site to another spot by the bay. Multiple news outlets are...

Is Kink breaking up with SF?

Tales of local porn-purveyor Kink.com’s demise were reported early yesterday by Uptown Almanac, whose story, “Freak Flag May Not Fly Forever Over Kink’s Castle,”...

Bar none

SUPER EGO: What the holy highballs is happening to our bar scene? Plus: Pound Puppy, Jay Tripwire, Drink, Barem, Voices from the Lake, more nightlife

A very Indy decade

Plus: The West Coast re-emergence of Aa, local label love at the B.A.R.F.

H. Brown: Goodbye to all that, we hope

OPINION While we mourn the tamping down of the fiery progressive idealism that characterized City Hall in the early 2000s, we celebrate the departure...

H. Brown: Goodbye to all that, we hope

January 23, 2014
In an SF Weekly piece published yesterday, it was announced that progressive political blogger and gadabout H. Brown – an "irascible" man who has...

Down at the Rickshaw

One of our favorite independent music venues celebrates 10 years of rockin' -- with a week of great shows

The Rise of Candidate X

The absolutely true story of how a complete unknown rocketed from political obscurity, electrified the city, tackled real problems, and beat Ed Lee in 2015.