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Save the date: SFBG “Bay Area Feminism Today” Forum on July 11

July 2, 2012
Last year, the Guardian held a series of Mayoral Issue Forums focusing on things from public power to climate change. They helped to drive...

Save the date: SFBG “Bay Area Feminism Today” Forum on July 11

June 29, 2012
Last year, the Guardian held a series of Mayoral Issue Forums focusing on things from public power to climate change. They helped to drive...

The economies of desire

Artistic director Tessa Wills on the wide-ranging, boundary-busting This Is What I Want performance festival


June 21, 2012
Wednesday 20Pack the court for Kali, Hayward Hall of Justice, 24405 Amador #108, Hayward; www.occupyoakland.org. 8-11am, free. Of all the outrageous and unjust arrests...

Female trouble

In Berkeley, 'Salomania' and 'Emotional Creature' take on the war on women

Bringing the heat

June 16, 2012
On June 13, more than 400 people, mainly from law enforcement and non-profits, gathered for a conference in downtown Oakland’s Marriott Hotel. Outside, a...

Hot sexy events: April 13-19

April 13, 2012
Kink.com is getting its star turn in the mainstream media – everyone's favorite historic-building-cum-porn-palace served as the shooting locaiton for the movie that Stephen...

New Penthouse Club opens, gets everybody drunk

March 16, 2012
Last night's opening of North Beach's brand spanking new Penthouse Club and Steakhouse (formerly Show Girls, before that Boy Toys) was glittery enough and...

Hot sexy events: March 9-14

March 9, 2012
I have been trying my very hardest to ignore the various fascist blowhards currently preening themselves through the Republican primary season. Let them twerk...

Our Weekly Picks: February 22-27

February 21, 2012
WEDNESDAY 22 Way Behind the Music Famous rockers may have a way with riffs, but their grammar and syntax can often prove cringe-worthy. And...

The sex worker struggle

From Google to Whorespeak: SF's activists fight a complex, uphill battle but keep the dream of decriminalization alive

On the Cheap Listings

January 24, 2012
Submit items for the listings at listings@sfbg.com. For further information on how to submit items for the listings, see Picks.WEDNESDAY 25Bring Me Men: Military...

Review: Keep it couch-side for Courtney Trouble’s latest Live Sex Show

January 9, 2012
The phrase “live sex show” invokes a history of glitzy spectacle designed for the viewer eager to escape the intimate, nuanced relationships of home....

High whore holy day: A San Francisco tradition turns nine

December 22, 2011
It was Saturday, December 17. A jazz funeral was being held for victims of violence against sex workers at the Center for Sex and...

It’s all in the angle

Madison Young's new porn site puts the female gaze first and foremost

Period piece: The San Francisco prostitute march of 1917

October 26, 2011
One morning in January 1917, 300 prostitutes marched into the church of their biggest detractor, Reverend Paul J. Smith. They were ready to show...

Get on the bus: St. James Infirmary’s new sex worker PSAs are

October 13, 2011
St. James Infirmary has been providing free, non-judgmental medical and social services for sex workers since 1999. This week, it’ll take the next step....

Hot sexy events: October 12-18

October 12, 2011
What does the future look like for our alternative sexuality community? While the political system borders on redundancy and no one cares about it...

Perverts give good poetry

culture@sfbg.comLUST FOR LIFE I work at the St. James Infirmary, an occupational health clinic for current and former sex workers. The clinic is a...

Clean secrets revealed: the Lusty Ladies

May 19, 2011
Sex workers do all kinds of naughty (and very nice) things during work hours, but how these super-sexed individuals spend their down time seems...

Summer fairs and festivals

Get ready for the solstice with our guide to summertime fun 

Hooked in

SF Sex Worker Film and Arts Fest gathers its strength

Hot sexy events: March 16-22

March 16, 2011
Although it's not often that the Wall Street Journal alerts us to convincing arguments for the existence of prostitution, that seems to be the...

Delhi 2 Dublin brings the St. Paddy’s bhangra

March 14, 2011
It's St. Patrick's Day and everyone is Irish. Truly -- the West coast brand of ethnic identity is a far cry from that of...