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Sex Workers

Frankie says feminist pornography

Academics and adult stars come together in print -- plus, this week's best sex events

In the blood

CAAMFest's family-focused (but not necessarily family-friendly) films

Hot sexy events: transman awardwinners and vibrator art

Somehow in the course of things I missed out on blogging about this year's Tranny Awards, LA's porn industry hat-tip to the best in...

Giving consent to capitalism

The week in sex events, plus a porn-friendly discussion

All the rage

25 years ago, queer activist network ACT UP redefined AIDS, changed politics, and saved lives. Can the rebooted ACT UP/SF mobilize a new generation?

Girl Scouts versus Scott Weiner versus Naked Sword: Here’s your week in sexy events

There are few things that San Franciscans love more than Thin Mints, and local Girl Scouts found out what those were on Sunday when...

When Christeene Vale plays you in the film version: ‘Fourplay’ screens this weekend at ATA

She wears a Guess Collection spotted lynx coat, Manolo Blahnik boots, Isabel Marant dress, La Perla lingerie. She has to figure out how to...

Pack condoms (now without cop paranoia!) for this week’s sexy events

A major, massive shout-out to the local activists who finally convinced SFPD to get rid of their draconian, awful policy of using condoms found...

Hot sexy events: An end to violence, and a beginning of pantlessness

Before we get to the week in Bay Area sex events, here is something you will want to be aware of: the ingenious ad...

Local blogs fumble story of sex worker activist named legislative aide

We were thrilled to bits at the Guardian when St. James Infirmary's longtime program director and former Harvey Milk Club president Stephany Joy Ashley...

Election got you all hot and bothered? For you, the week in SF sex

Yesterday morning I dug up my Obama mix, the CD that I made at this time four years ago when I was a wide-eyed...

Oh nice, Obama won: What the celebration looked like at El Rio last night

"Some weird, Kool Aid-tasting shot. I don't really know what it was, but it was something." -- was passed around at the League of Pissed-Off...

This week in sex events: Free Internet anti-porn and sex nerd heaven

What to do when Halloween rolls around, but you're already slutty 365 days a year? Up the ante with one of this week's sex...


Wednesday 24Senior and disability action Western Addition Senior Center, 1390 ½ Turk, SF; 415-546-2096. 9:30am-1:30pm, free. Senior and Disability Action University presents a workshop...

City to cease using condoms as evidence in prostitution cases

The San Francisco Police Department announced today that they will stop using condoms as evidence in prostitution cases.This will address the issue of police...

Endorsements 2012: State ballot measures

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. No on 35 saves our sexworkers. GMO food gets a label when you vote Yes on 37

Fierce, forceful, amazing: remembering Robyn Few

Robyn Few, innovative sex worker revolutionary and a part of the soul of San Francisco, passed away Sept. 13. Robyn was a mother, a grandmother,...


WEDNESDAY 26Berkeley mayoral candidate forum North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst, Berk; berkeleygraypanthers.mysite.com. 1:30pm, free. It may be the Peoples Republic of Berkeley, but...

Who’s a sex trafficker?

Under Proposition 35, you'd be surprised

Come see me tonight: The stars of the ASKEW Festival talk sex

We probably have Madison Young to thank that the festival is happening at all – the creator of wandering alt-sex gallery Femina Potens curated...

Democrats and sex workers

The Proposition 35 endorsement puts sex workers and their families at risk

Caught in the FBI’s net: the extended interview

From June 20 through June 23, the FBI and local police departments and district attorney's offices throughout the United States were engaged...

Caught in the FBI’s net

A nationwide hunt for sexually exploited children wound up catching a few youth — and a lot more adult sex workers

Faces of feminism

As the War on Women rages, Bay Area feminism comes to the fore