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Where are all the vanilla sexuality events?

September 25, 2014
I moved to the Bay Area this year with the intention of diving head first into kinky chaos. As far as repressed small town...

Sex culture, Kinky Salon, and the three Pollys

January 31, 2014
Polly Whitakker has been one of my favorite superstars of San Francisco sex culture, traveling a path from her native London through the Polly...

Sexy events: Fatties rise up

June 5, 2013
Happy Pride Month everybody! This is neither sexy nor an event in the strictest sense, but anyone who doesn't kindle to forced body norms...

Go deep

BDSM stars give it all up for DocFest's Public Sex, Private Lives

Riding out

Bike Smut and Courtney Trouble debut two-wheel trampin'

Hot sexy events: Ecosexual gurus want you in boot camp

May 24, 2013
You could be mistaken, in certain moments of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' ecosexuality activism, into passing it off as woo-woo nonsense. In a...

Hot sexy events: Aliens, etc.

May 10, 2013
You will have to excuse the few weeks that your sexy events column has taken off -- our Day-Glo phalanges have been so atwitter...


Male strippers to Ms. Leather: Your week in sex events

John Waters would love tonight’s Que(e)ry party — and more, from your week in sexy events

April 10, 2013
We've all seen the John Waters quote: “If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!” Baltimore's favorite trashy son,...

Standing on streetcorners naked, and this week’s sexy events

April 3, 2013
Memories of a taxi driver desperately trying to flag Courtney Trouble into his cab popped up unexpectedly today upon hearing the BBW queer pornographer...

Hot sexy events: Nerd boobs, Bill Gates’ condom quest, and the Sheagle = landed

March 27, 2013
Hey, dudes who don't like condoms, has Bill Gates got your back or what? During the same month that the Pope Emeritus reincarnates as...

Hospitable pectorals

Hire the Bare Bachelors for PG-13 shock value and tasty cocktails

Hot sexy events: Getting (a?)head in the boardroom

March 20, 2013
I've been reading Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg's new book Lean In recently, which despite its rather class-specific advice and observations is a...

Babetown, population 2403

Suicide Girls pay us a call, third coffee table book in tow

Bone, on: Here’s the week in sex events

March 14, 2013
Internet flame wars, naked people in Berkeley, fativism, shamrock-spangled stripper heels. Oh yep, that's this week in sex events.Hot and Heavy readingI've made no...

Frankie says feminist pornography

Academics and adult stars come together in print -- plus, this week's best sex events

How to get hot this week: sexy events

March 8, 2013
I was paging through my neon-orange-and-yellow copy of Tristan Taormino's Feminist Porn Book and generally feeling good about International Women's Day when I discovered that gah!...


Would a stripper license ruin my look? Plus, your week in sex events

Hot sexy events: transman awardwinners and vibrator art

February 27, 2013
Somehow in the course of things I missed out on blogging about this year's Tranny Awards, LA's porn industry hat-tip to the best in...

Giving consent to capitalism

The week in sex events, plus a porn-friendly discussion

Girl Scouts versus Scott Weiner versus Naked Sword: Here’s your week in sexy events

February 19, 2013
There are few things that San Franciscans love more than Thin Mints, and local Girl Scouts found out what those were on Sunday when...

Love to love you: The week in sexy events

February 6, 2013
Quit using Bang With Friends (hold up -- is that really what poking means, Forbes?) to solicit Facebook for a minute because Valentine's Day...

Nina Hartley mash notes, PETA gets naked, crafty vibes: Your week in sex events

January 30, 2013
Everyone survive the bused-in loads of pro-lifers prancing down Market Street last Saturday? Good. FYI, the Pope's real happy with San Francisco right about...

Sandra Fluke’s in town! As are the pro-life crazies! Your week in sexy events

January 24, 2013
40 years ago, a historic ruling gave us control over our own reproductive health. This week, a female state representative in New Mexico proposed...