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Newsom agrees to meet with Local 1021

By Tim Redmond The members of SEIU Local 1021 have agreed to stand down for a day, suspend their unfair labor practices claim and hold...

Newsom goes ballistic at SEIU

By Tim Redmond The mayor is getting a wee bit sensitive about a flier from SEIU local 1021 that accuses him of breaking his word...

MisterMayor? Is anybody home?

By Rebecca Bowe Video by Sarah Phelan SEIU Local 1021 paid a visit to Mayor Gavin Newsom at his City Hall office yesterday, but his doors...

Embattled Ethics Commission heroes

By Steven T. Jones Two of the best, most public-spirited individuals ever to serve the San Francisco Ethics Commission – former staffer and commissioner Joe...

The LA Times nails APRI

Fascinating story in the LA Times today about the A. Philip Randolph Institute. It focuses on James Bryant, the APRI president who earns $117,000...

No service area

Health and human services budget cuts will show on the streets

The wheels come off

Chiu leads efforts to build a budget consensus in Newsom's absence

Money talks

The top 10 political donors in San Francisco

Newsom still MIA

By Tim Redmond You know the mayor is in serious trouble when his business allies say he's missing in action. From the Chron this morning: Scott...

Fallout from the union clash

SEIU-UHW fight could have big implications in the Bay Area

Without a net

Newsom's budget: More hungry homeless people, more deaths at SF General

Protesting budget cuts at City Hall

By Steven T. Jones San Francisco City Hall is packed with people waiting to testify about Mayor Gavin Newsom's midyear budget cuts and the need...

The decimation of public health

This month, the Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to protect the health and, in some cases, the lives of thousands

Six aren’t enough

The Board of Supervisors' new progressive majority won its first big vote, but rougher roads lie ahead

Anniversary Issue: Beyond the automobile

The road to sustainability has lanes for more than just cars

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco measures

Yes, yes, yes on A and H. No, no, no on P and V...

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco races

Board of Supervisors, Board of Education, Community College Board, and BART Board of Directors

Newsom hacks away at the budget

It's no surprise that many of the items Mayor Newsom hacked out of the city budget at the last minute were important to supervisors...

McGoldrick’s privatization betrayal

When the rubber hit the road for people, he screeched out of there

Newsom’s manager to worker hiring ratio? 10:1.

Does Newsom show more love to managers than workers? photos and text by Sarah Phelan SEIU Local 1021’s Robert Haaland says the City has a pattern...

What union democracy means

Nobody has more at stake in SEIU than the members who pay the bills and whose wages, benefits, and working conditions are being negotiated

41st Anniversary Special: Wrecked park

Chronic underfunding has made the Recreation and Park Department a prime privatization target

41st Anniversary Special: Bus stop

Muni remains a lucrative target for the private sector

Problems with Peskin’s Muni plan

OPINION Last week the Board of Supervisors received a proposed charter amendment that takes a misguided stab at the much-needed reform of the Municipal...