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Do we care?

Local activists push for better recognition for caregiving professions

SEIU 1021 employees authorize strike as its clash with the city goes to arbitration

. Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which represents most city employees in San Francisco, continues to fight both internal and external challenges, with...

Love for women flows through the streets of San Francisco

February 14, 2013
Can you feel the love, San Francisco? Cuz it's flowing through the streets right now, taking many forms on this unusually busy and politically...

Union divisions

SEIU Local 1021 fights with employers — and its own employees — over salary and benefit cuts

D5 race displays key SF political dynamics

November 7, 2012
There’s so much to say about the District 5 supervisorial race, whose top five finishers’ parties I attended tonight, gathering interesting perspectives from each...

Daly’s Buck Tavern, a progressive hangout, is closing

October 22, 2012
When leftist firebrand Chris Daly left the Board of Supervisors two years ago, amid political treachery that effectively ended a decade of progressive control...

The gloves are coming off in competitive D5

September 21, 2012
Candidates in the District 5 supervisorial race – where one recent poll showed almost half of voters undecided about a field of imperfect candidates...

Words and deeds

Mayor Lee and his new trustee say they support City College -- but they aren't helping the district raise money

Compromise measures

Housing and business tax propositions don't solve the city's problems, but both sides say they're the best we can expect

Public teacher in a public hospital

An educator's trip to the ER reveals an unpleasant truth about our city's budget

Mayor Lee’s business tax reform will include new revenue

Mayor Ed Lee has acquiesced to labor's demand that the business tax reform measure being negotiated for the November ballot raise tens of millions...

Lee avoids budget drama, but other fiscal fights loom

When Mayor Ed Lee unveiled his proposed $7.3 billion city budget today, it was a sharp contrast to the annual budget rituals of his...

SEIU deal could undermine progressive coalition

May 31, 2012
I stumbled on the oddest deal on a union-gossip website, but I've checked it out and it's really happening -- and it could be...

Tax equity

With the business community divided, can labor and progressives force a business-tax reform that actually increases revenue?

SEIU reps pleased with tentative contract

After heated negotiations, the city has come to a tentative two-year contract agreement with SEIU Local 1021. The union, which represents 12,000 city workers, has...

SEIU makes noise in City Hall

SEIU Local 1021 workers say ‘’our message was heard” after about 300 marched into City Hall April 30. The city workers marched around the...

What’s going on for Bay Area May Day?

April 30, 2012
UPDATE: The Golden Gate Labor Coalition has announced a change of plans. Instead of Golden Gate Bridge pickets, the coalition will be supporting a...

Pissed off shareholders, homeowners, and taxpayers converge on Wells Fargo meeting

April 25, 2012
Wells Fargo managed to hold its shareholder meeting April 24, but not without difficulty. A protest against the bank’s ongoing part in the foreclosure...

SEIU rally draws 1,000 to city hall

April 19, 2012
More than 1,000 city employees gathered at City Hall April 18 for a protest that ended in 23 arrests. The protest comes as the...

Bubbles, rising rents, and the politicians who fuel them

February 17, 2012
After neither Mayor Ed Lee nor Sup. Jane Kim were willing to return my calls to discuss the implications of their economic development policies...

The bubble is back

City policies are encouraging a new tech boom — but have we learned any lessons from the last one?

Meet the new supervisor

How will Christina Olague balance loyalty to Mayor Lee with the needs of the city's most progressive district?

Mayor Lee’s call for more hearings gets wary reception

January 26, 2012
Labor and the Left came out strongly against Mayor Ed Lee’s proposed charter amendment to require all city legislation be delayed and subjected to...


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