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San Francisco International Film Festival

“The Beast Stalker”

Anger issues, petty politics, and other charming attributes

When dinos go wild: Dengue Fever scores ‘Lost World’ at the Castro

By Kimberly Chun Surprise: no theremins in earshot at the Castro Theatre on May 5 when Dengue Fever unleashed its new score for the 1925...

Reel Talk

"State of Cinema Address by Mary Ellen Mark"

SFIFF 52 review: “Crude”

By Natalie Gregory If you were unaware of the lawsuit between the indigenous Ecuadorian people and Chevron/Texaco, watching Joe Berlinger’s Crude will get you up...

A weekend under the influence: SFIFF 52

By Lynn Rapoport Mabel (Gena Rowlands, in an Oscar-winning Oscar-nominated performance) has a rare calm moment in A Woman Under the Influence. The first weekend of...

SFIFF 52: Opening night

The scene: the Castro Theatre. The event: opening night of the 52nd annual San Francisco International Film Festival. The crowd: mob-sized. Benjamin Bratt prefers it...

SFIFF: 52 pick-up

SFIFF rides again -- and features a quietly terrifying North Korea doc

Film Festival 52

Our ginormous guide to the best of the 2009 San Francisco International Film Festival

West ghost

California Company Town scopes out lands of the lost

Hot pink

IndieFest takes a peek inside Japanese sex cinema

Don’t look back

The Year in Film 2008: Movies that saw hard times coming

An interview with “Stranded” director Gonzalo Arijon

By Mara Math No one was more surprised than I that Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains proved to be...

Barry Jenkins

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Viewing the city -- and its displacements -- through the prism of a relationship

Black, white, and color

Medicine for Melancholy faces the changing city

SFIFF, day one: The world according to Asia

By Jeffrey M. Anderson This year, it's Asia Argento's festival, and we're all just invited. I've heard through the grapevine that Asia will not be...

Area 51

The 51st San Francisco International Film Festival takes flight

SFIFF: Apolitical animal

Mexico's SFIFF thrillers aren't thrilling, but Cochochi turns loss into victory

SFIFF: Blood ties

Asia and Dario Argento go go for a SFIFF trifecta

SFIFF: Explosive stuff!

Craig Baldwin turns space junk into magickal treasure with Mock Up on Mu

41st Anniversary Special: Blast from the past

A few choice selections from our archives

Week Two: San Francisco International Film Festival

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 The Last Days of Yasser Arafat (Sherine Salama, Australia/Palestine, 2006) When Australian filmmaker Salama finally does get to sit down with Yasser...

Cerebral vortex

The Guy Maddin brand always guaranteed to be demented

Ponder or ignore? Enjoy

Choice words about image culture as the SF International Film Festival hits 50

Cinema brut

Better than sex, worse than violence: a critical survey of new French extremism at the 50th SF film fest