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Same Sex Marriage

Appealing to San Francisco values

EDITORIAL When lawyers become politicians, and when those politicians assume offices where they can exercise discretion about when to appeal judicial rulings, the decision...

San Franciscans could make death penalty ruling stick

In the wake of yesterday’s judicial ruling that California’s death penalty system is unconstitutional — with federal District Judge Cormac Carney calling it...

#TBT: That time we called for California’s break-up

July 17, 2014
So another scheme -- in a long and rich history of such schemes -- is attempting to break California into more digestible parts, and...

Uber wants to be the Vegas of gay weddings, only even faster

In their frantic desire to be first with the next big thing and to grab market share by any means necessary, tech companies often...

Pride and prejudice

How the attack on teacher tenure echoes through the movement for LGBT rights

Pride on fire! 2014’s must-do Pride events

June 24, 2014
Hey gorgeous queer person (and friends)! There is way too much to do this year, as always. Don't be scared. Dive right into...

Guardian endorsements

Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown — our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election

Film Listings: April 9 – 15, 2014

April 8, 2014
Film listings are edited by Cheryl Eddy. Reviewers are Kimberly Chun, Dennis Harvey, Lynn Rapoport, and Sara Maria Vizcarrondo. For rep house showtimes, see...

Yee had a reputation for political corruption even before the federal indictment

Long before Sen. Leland Yee’s surprise arrest and arraignment on federal corruption charges today, Yee already had a reputation for, at best, political pandering...

Is Newsom on the wrong side of high-speed rail history?

February 26, 2014
As California struggles to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet the long-term transportation needs of a growing population, officials from Gov. Jerry Brown...

Doin’ it in the dark

Seattle's notorious amateur porn festival comes to SF. Plus: Digital Mystikz, Afrika Bambaataa, Danny Tenaglia, Riot Grr, more nightlife

Can we rediscover radical action on this marriage equality anniversary?

February 12, 2014
San Francisco’s political establishment will rightly celebrate itself this afternoon at 5pm with a ceremony in City Hall marking the 10th anniversary of...

Conservative activists try to flush transgender bathroom bill

Yesterday a religious activist group announced it gathered enough signatures to place a statewide referendum of the newly signed “transgender bathroom” law on the...

Endorsements 2013

Stop the 8 Washington project! No, no, no on B, no on C, yes on A, re-elect Hererra. Our guide to the Nov. 5 elections

Alerts: October 2 – 8, 2013

October 1, 2013
THURSDAY 3Storytelling tools for change The Eric Quezeda Center for Culture and Politics, 518 Valencia, SF. www.518valencia.org. 7-8:30pm, free. Come join Immigrant Nation for...

Stand up for the little guy

OPINION Last week, my partner and I journeyed early one morning to Sacramento to sign documents at the Secretary of State. We did this...

VIDEO: Videogame killer robot GLaDOS sings for same-sex marriage proposal at GaymerX convention

The GaymerX convention in San Francisco's Japantown this past weekend was a historic first, an LGBT video game convention at a time when...

Why democracy matters

EDITORIAL There's a troubling anti-democratic trend taking place in this country, one that's been recently reflected everywhere from the US Supreme Court's decision to...

In the moment: At City Hall for the Supreme Court’s same-sex wedding decisions

July 8, 2013
Still beaming from the Supreme Court's DOMA and Prop 8 decisions? If you've come down with the Monday blues, here are some great photos...

So now what?

The city celebrates equality, but still leaves many behind

Wedding bells and Pride protests

A whirlwind week of LGBTQ action in San Francisco

Images from a big gay victory celebration

June 27, 2013
It was an amazing day of celebration in San Francisco yesterday, from the early morning crowd that gathered in City Hall to hear the...

From around the Internet: San Franciscans celebrate marriage equality

June 27, 2013
All around San Francisco yesterday, gay couples, city leaders, and street revelers celebrated the Supreme Court’s rulings striking down Proposition 8 and the Defense...

Religious leaders celebrate Supreme Court decision upholding marriage equality

June 26, 2013
Photos by Rebecca BoweWhile proponents of the now-unenforceable Proposition 8 might have pointed to scripture to justify opposition to same-sex marriage, a group of...