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Paving the way for privatization

City officials consider closing the municipal asphalt plant and backing a private replacement

Live Shots: Flight of the Conchords

Text and photos by Ariel Soto I remember the first time I watched Flight of the Conchords on TV. I was at my friend's house,...

Shades of green

The Green Issue: Will SF really use its federal 'green jobs' money to lift up working class communities?

Biodiesel’s leaps

With small- and large-scale infrastructure falling into place, the biofuels movement in San Francisco is gathering momentum

Round and round

David King uncovers spherical lyricism on paper and at the Dump

Best in show

The Year in Visual Arts 2008

Tap dreams

Who controls what we drink? Corporate water comes to (and from) San Francisco

Fake Demo slate mailer

By Tim Redmond These things show up in mailboxes every year, but since some people are still fooled by them, let me set the record...

Endorsements 2008: East Bay races and measures

Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland ballot endorsements

Connecting the drops

Green City: A controversial proposal to take more water from the Sierra for urban and agricultural uses

Elsie update

Robert Reed, Public Relations Manager for the Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company emailed me this week, in response to my coverage of Elsie...

Vizzy with the possibilities

Fall Arts Preview: We scope out the promising shows

Olema Inn

The custom of the country

Bones and balls

Mary's Place

Let it go

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I broke up with my boyfriend when he moved to another city after a short but intense relationship. Since then, we've visited each...

Green, according to Brett Dennen

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen has been getting a bunch of attention of late - appearing on Jay Leno among other late-night staples. He appears at...

Rilo Kiley’s Blake Sennett on flying solo, recycling, and filmmaking

Oh, star-crossed phone interviews - who knows why or how they happen. Rilo Kiley's Blake Sennett and I met not-so-cute last week, thanks to...

CO2 stew

How green is my music?


No room for the little guy in Big Web?

After the ruins

SF's pasts and futures -- and Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia

The water cure

Maybe those who insist on bottled water should be obliged to join the smokers outside

Where to now, SFPUC?

War of words surrounding Susan Leal's removal offers more heat than light

Climate change teach-in

Green pathways out of poverty was just one topic discussed

Band together for 21 Grand

Keep innovative arts programming alive, confunnit! Plus: upcoming shows!