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Ride ’em

Real cowboys, tons of bees, and Thai House 530

Eviction of activist/gardener squatters follows HANC’s eviction

About 20 activist gardeners were thrown out of the old Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) Recycling Center space today, when Sheriff's Department deputies and...

More recycling fallout

Small businesses gird for high fees after HANC closure

No surprise: Your garbage rates are going up 23 percent

As expected, Recology sent in its application for a rate increase Dec. 11, and most residential customers will see a hike of 23.5 percent,...

YEAR IN MUSIC 2012: Digital scraps and analog curiosities

Hype Williams and the Internet wild

Sorry, Chuck — HANC eviction hasn’t happened

The eviction of the Haight Asbury Neighborhood Council’s recycling center, which critics of the center said was scheduled to take place Dec. 5, hasn’t...

The Bay at Basel (Come to Miami with us this weekend!)

There are two moments from my 2011 pilgrimage that duel in my mind for the title of quintessential Miami Art Basel. One, when that...


The city's eviction of HANC's recycling center could harm local businesses along with the gardeners and recyclers

HANC evicted, but the poor recyclers could remain in the Haight

In a win for the gentrifiers of the Haight Ashbury, the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council's (HANC) Recycling Center has been issued an official eviction...

Under $10 gift guide: Neighborly love

We call it purposeful goodwill: buttering up that cranky elder downstairs with a well-thought-out something around the holidays. Maybe next time you throw a rager, your neighbor will call you before the cops?

Shit happened

A short take on Recology's black bin blues -- plus, a group mounting a crusade against pro sports homophobia

Get ready for a garbage rate hike

Recology, the San Francisco garbage monopoly, usually comes to the city to ask for a rate increase once every five years or so. It's...

Profiling those who rely on HANC, which the city is evicting (VIDEO)

The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council's (HANC) Recycling Center has fought for the past decade to stay in its tiny corner of Golden Gate Park,...

Burner-built Peralta Junction brings a West Oakland lot to life

Bay Area artists and other creative types have been building cities from scratch in the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for two decades now, forming...

Why the parks bond could lose

A general obligation bond to improve San Francisco parks ought to be a slam dunk, particularly when it's getting pushed by Sup. Scott Wiener,...

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco propositions

Yes (sigh) on Prop B. And vote hell yes to deny corporations personhood -- that'd be Prop G

The SFPUC’s cool new building

I finallly got a tour of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's cool new building at 525 Golden Gate. It's about as green as...

Fiona Ma’s vampire garbage bill

State Assembly Member Fiona Ma, who wants to keep 15-year-olds in prison for life, has been trying for a while now to help the...

Farmville, for real

City spaces like Hayes Valley Farm, Kezar Gardens, and the Free Farm are disappearing. Is there a future for urban agriculture in San Francisco?

Sure cure for election burnout? Watch this video of activist kids summer camp

So what if the most popular adjective to describe this week's election was "adorable"? By all accounts, we have a generation on the up...

Vote yes on Prop A for competitive bidding for garbage and against Recology monopoly

As a reporter for the old Redwood City Tribune in 1965 or so, I got a call one day from the late  Luman Drake,...

Election turnout expected to be less than 40 percent

If they held an election and nobody noticed, would it still count? Because that's what this Tuesday's presidential primary election is starting to feel...

Reduce, re-use, replace

HANC challenges the city's eviction rationale by adding a community garden to its embattled recycling operation

June 6 hearing may spell the end of HANC recycling center

It’s just a triangle of land on Frederick Street, right next to Kezar Stadium. But the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) recycling center has...