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Editorial: Stop the garbage giveaway

Impertinent questions to the supervisors: After awarding multi-million dollar tax breaks and giveaways to Twitter and others, and after being unable to raise PG&E's...

Ma’s bill would make it harder to resist big city trash

Assemblymember Fiona Ma has thrown another curve ball at San Francisco’s already hotly contested plan to dispose trash in Yuba County: Ma recently introduced...

Waste not

City officials delay garbage contract decision while they seek more information

Meet the new boss

Ed Lee has been mayor for six weeks. Does his administration represent a change — or more of the same?

A jaundiced proposal

Environmentalism in mind, Chiu proposes a ban on unsolicited Yellow Pages

A better option for trash

San Francisco is the only major city in the United States that contracts out solid waste collection to a private company

Editorial: Better options for garbage

One of the biggest, most important municipal contracts in San Francisco is never put out to bid. It's awarded to the same company, automatically,...

Garbage curveball

Budget and Legislative Analyst complicates Recology's effort to expand its waste disposal monopoly in San Francisco

Trash talk

Where's the city's garbage going next? Nobody knows

EDITORIAL: Save the HANC recycling center

The foes of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recycling center -- including the mayor and Rec-Park Director Phil Ginsberg, who desperately want to get...

Newsom campaign also plugging Sparks

UPDATED WITH RESPONSE FROM SPARKS.Gavin Newsom's campaign for lieutenant governor might have a tough time beating moderate Latino Republican Abel Maldonado – indeed, even...

Trash war hits Chamber of Commerce lunch

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is hosting a lunch with Recology today in an apparent effort to push a garbage transportation/disposal contract that...

In the dumps

HAIRY EYEBALL: Intersection for the Arts' double-decade Recology survey digs up some gems

Trashy art: Recology’s 20 years of shoving artists into heaps

One thing I learned yesterday about the artist in residence program at the Recology dump; Sirron Norris and other alums were not wading through...

Following Recology’s $$$ to Environment Commission and DCCC

If you've been looking for a financial connection between the city's tentative decision to award the next landfill disposal contract to Recology, which plans...

Tale of two landfills

With a pair of giant corporations vying for control of San Francisco's trash, will our zero waste dreams ever become a reality?

Emerald city

GREEN ISSUE: SF's green go-tos -- a resource guide

Recology can’t have it both ways

Critics of San Francisco's plan to award Recology the city's trash disposal contract just alerted me to the curious fact that if you watch...

Recology’s Nevada landfill blocked

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the Planning Commission in Humboldt County, Nevada blocked Recology's landfill expansion application in Winnemucca, which is halfway...

Trash talk

Environmental justice claims leveled in the fight for SF's big garbage disposal contract