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Weird homophobic attack ad from the Association of Realtors

October 8, 2012
Gee, this ad that's up on You Tube, apparently paid for the the San Francisco Association of Realtors, is creepy, strange and a bit...

David Lee and his landlord backers raise the stakes in District 1

October 4, 2012
Realtors and commercial landlords have transformed the supervisorial race in District 1 into an important battle over rent control and tenants' rights, despite their...

Much ado about nudity

There was no public outcry when Pedro Villamore, a 44-year-old homeless gay man, was found dead in a doorway in the 500 block of...

Lee appoints Santos, a staunch development advocate, to CCSF board

August 21, 2012
Rodrigo Santos, a structural engineer who heads the pro-development advocacy group San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth, had already raised an unheard of amount...

Guardian voices: The zombie condo converters

June 15, 2012
What is the shelf life of  a really bad public policy concerning housing in  San Francisco?When it comes to condo conversions of existing rent...

Why three families, who never missed a rent payment, may face eviction

April 26, 2012
Alma Sierra has been living in her home at 490 Athens for three years. Sierra, her nine year old son, and two other mothers...

The struggle for housing money at City Hall

March 8, 2012
It’s barely March, and the next election isn’t until June and that’s just primaries and the Democratic County Central Committee, but we just started...

Who gets to live here?

Renewed debates about housing policy will shape what kind of city San Francisco becomes

District lines: a community alternative

Will downtown quarantine progressives? A draft proposal from the Guardian Community Forum for new supervisorial districts

Redrawing the map

Obscure task force charged with creating new supervisorial districts could have a big impact on the city's political landscape

Guardian editorial: Mixed report on Mayor Lee

January 10, 2012
EDITORIAL Mayor Ed Lee's first big decision — the appointment of a District 5 supervisor — demonstrated something very positive:The mayor knows that he...

Occupy movement targets foreclosed homes

December 7, 2011
Throughout the Bay Area on Tuesday (Dec. 6), Occupy activists and housing advocates launched what they said will be an ongoing effort to place...

The Guardian–and the historic elections of 1966 and 2011

November 8, 2011
(Written on election day before the polls closed. Scroll down for our editorial positions of 1966 and 2011) In the second edition of the...

On Guard!

The news you need to know this week: Herrera takes some flak, but pushes right back, while property interests reveal their support for Prop. E

The America’s cup confusion

September 2, 2011
If the sponsors (and city officials) are right, the America's Cup is going to be a huge event, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators,...

Dodging bullets

SF progressives didn't do as well at the polls as in the last few election cycles, but it could have been worse

Cash not care

Downtown groups are spending big money and making telling alliances in this election

Downtown massively outspends progressives

October 12, 2010
With only three weeks until the election, downtown interests are massively outspending progressive groups.(Conservative estimates suggest a 5:1 ratio, based on an analysis of...

Realtors send deceptive mailer to SF renters

The San Francisco Association of Realtors, which has a long history of actively opposing the protection of tenants and rental housing, now wants tenants...

SF officials tap corporate cash

February 25, 2010
San Francisco’s $500 campaign contribution limit makes it tough for rich individuals and corporations to curry favor with local politicians, right? Well, not really....

No more silence on Prop. 16

Every single elected official, candidate for office, and political group in the state that isn't entirely bought off by PG&E needs to loudly oppose Prop. 16 — now

Editorial: No more silence on PG&E’s statewide power grab

February 23, 2010
Every single elected official, candidate for office, and political group in the state that isn't entirely bought off by PG&E needs to loudly oppose...

Hard Times Handbook

Our guide to living better, for less, in the recession

The Big Zero – SF version

December 29, 2009
By Steven T. Jones I can’t stop thinking about Paul Krugman’s wonderfully biting recent commentary, “The Big Zero,” and his persuasive point that in the...