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Fall TV death match

The season brings tough choices for lovers of teen drama and power-acting

Eureka! There’s more Eurekaism!

What happens to the news when the conglomerati corner the Bay Area newspaper market By Bruce B. Brugmann (B3) As you...

The judge misses the point

EDITORIAL The federal judge who allowed the largest media merger in Northern California history to go forward unimpeded did what far too many judges...

Monstrous politics

› monster@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I didn't want to see it, and then I did. When Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest came out, I was...

Pelosi sold us out

OPINION The recent Guardian editorial was absolutely correct in its analysis of development in the Presidio: San Francisco "wound up with the worst of...

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It’s your Guardian. Join in the fun

A tale of two museums

The Presidio Trust's choice between the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center and the Disney Museum speaks volumes about what's happening in San Francisco's national park

Playing hardball in the Presidio

EDITORIAL When Rep. Nancy Pelosi began peddling her plan to privatize the Presidio back in the 1990s her chief weapon was fear: If the...

Presidio bust

City officials and residents push the Presidio Trust to pay attention to more than just the bottom line

Don’t fear the t-word

EDITORIAL The attack ads started almost the moment Phil Angelides won the Democratic nomination for governor, and they'll continue until November, funded by Gov....

Newsom loses control

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who fancies himself a solution-oriented pragmatist, has allowed the supervisors to take over the urban policy agenda

Eviction battle continues

Latest effort to help renters wins board support, but Newsom veto remains possible

A few questions for the publishers

OPINION The MediaNews Group, which proposes to buy the San Jose Mercury News, the Contra Costa Times, the Monterey Herald, and 30 Bay Area...

Business ethics 101

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce's publishing company is accused of shorting employees

After the Murmur

Artists and hipsters can bring dormant neighborhoods to life, but do they invite gentrification and displacement?

Follow the Money

Pombo's campaign warchest leads to Abramoff and Big Oil

Rankin’ Reykjavik

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER I love the fact that whenever you leave this country, you immediately come to the discomfiting realization that ... you're...

Family business

The taxpayers bailed out Frank Lembi's S&L, but he emerged to build a huge real estate empire

Regis lives

CHEAP EATS "Show me a sane man," Jung said, "and I will cure him for you." I saw this on a...

The I-Hotel interviews

Many lives ago, I remember standing in the back hallway of the International Hotel trying to fathom why it was that this funny, run-down...

SF’s economic future

Sometime early this spring, while most of Washington, D.C. was watching the cherry trees bloom and thinking about the impending Iran-contra hearings, a few...