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Investigate the Presidio’s money

EDITORIAL National parks are places where wildlife is preserved, saved, encouraged. The trend in parks these days is to expand the ecological mix; the...


JAN. 18 MUSIC Piers Faccini Could there be a more unlikely combination of characters than an introspective, globe-trotting European (Piers Faccini) who creates delicate dreamscapes as both a songwriter and...

Live free or die hard

Free to Be ... You and Me Invitational

Where are the chicks?

A half dozen California quail -- all males -- are all that remain in the once-teeming Presidio. What does the plight of the official state bird say about wildlife management in San Francisco?

Off the record

Billion-dollar software company Mercury Interactive wants to keep details of a backdating scandal under seal

Will the McClatchy sale of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune bring Manhattanization to Minneapolis?

By Bruce B. Brugmann (B3) Well, well. There's more of an odor to the McClatchy sale of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to a New...

The next big fight

Supervisors seek to prioritize affordable housing in the eastern neighborhoods

Unseal the court files

The lawsuit that seeks to stop the monopolization of daily newspapers in the Bay Area isn't just a business dispute.

The morning after

While drunk on big newspaper purchases, Dean Singleton promised competitive papers and no layoffs. Now he's swinging the ax, cutting deals with Hearst, and decimating local news coverage

‘Pro-competition collaboration’

By G.W. Schulz Real estate mogul Clint Reilly's attempt to stop a major media buyout involving MediaNews and the Hearst Corp. turned a corner earlier...

The new Iraq-war media offensive

How powerful institutions like The New York Times are feverishly spinning against a pullout of U.S. troops

The new media offensive for the Iraq War. Why the Santa Rosa Press Democrat/New York Times ought to stop “censoring” and mangling Project Censored...

By Bruce B. Brugmann Norman Solomon, a syndicated columnist who appears on the Guardian website, wrote a chilling column this week on how the...

Fits and housing starts

"Suburban Escape" plumbs the art of California sprawl

The Destroy California Initiative

Proposition 90 is being marketed as a way to stop Big Brother from taking your home. It might actually destroy everything that makes California livable


Selling polygons with Urban Mapping

Dizzy spell

Is infatuation really such a bad thing?

Back from Berlin…

By Mirissa Neff In the midst of excursions to NYC, Reykjavik and Paris I spent last week in Berlin... here are some posts from the...

Small pieces unjoined

What if they're un-Googleable?

Mall of the metaverse

Rock shows, retail, and rebellion — Second Life brings virtual gaming down to the everyday level

Discovering the formula

Is San Francisco's local charm really safe?

Live bait

The secret life of warehouse shows

The silent scandal

How does media concentration affect the news we read? Just check out the coverage of the latest newspaper merger


› tredmond@sfbg.com I was out of town when Sue Bierman died Aug. 6, her car crashing into a Dumpster near her Haight Ashbury home, in...

Discs, man

Enter the weird, wonderful world of new music releases