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Stop the Cow Palace land grab

There's almost certainly a way for the Cow Palace to remain and for some of its land to be used for housing and retail

Murder, revisited

Santa Barbara police reopen 40-year-old homicide case with ‘similarities’ to Chauncey Bailey slaying

Where’s Otto?

Alex Cox repossesses the graphic novel with Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday

Freedom of Information: Battleship metadata

Legislation on mapping software would create an expensive new category of public records

Freedom of Information: 2007 James Madison Award winners

Society of Professional Journalists Northern California announces First Amendment award winners

Sunshine in the digital age

Information created by public agencies using public data should be public


Some gay people are so anxious to participate in their own cultural erasure

Solo budgeting

Gavin Newsom attacks social services and other supervisorial spending priorities with unilateral cuts

Money for nothing

Bakery associate received public matching funds but didn't document spending

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part III

Political, racial pressure pays off for the bakery

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part II

E.M. Health attempts to burrow away debt

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part 1

How the bakery's $1 million vanished. Along with loan from city, pledges to help community disappeared.

Where is home?

Danny Hoch brings his new Brooklyn tale to the Bay

Money for parks

Just how big an impact can Prop A's $185 million make?

Polishing SPUR

A downtown ally is building a new home. It's also trying to create a new image

Art and History vie for Presidio spot

History museum proposed by Presidio Historical Association Art museum proposed by Don Fisher Last night at the Officer's Club about 200 Marina residents gushed over Gap-founder...

Behind the Bey empire

Behind the Bey empire: Did real estate fraud help build Your Black Muslim Bakery into an enterprise worth killing for?

Fisher fails

New progressive coalition stops downtown's attack on transit and sets the stage for next year's board fight

SF’s skatepark crisis

By Justin Juul After attending SF360 Film+Club’s recent screening of Freedom of Space -- a film about the harsh realities of enjoying an illegal sport--...


Tinder is the night

Transit or traffic

There's a real chance to fix Muni -- but a simplistic downtown campaign for more parking and less government is trying to derail it

Money and politics

Corporations buy influence using big donations and sneaky tactics

Needed: a campaign against privatization

It's time to declare war

Why Vancouver sucks

Look at all the pretty condos I'm sick of hearing San Francisco planners, the folks at SPUR and SF Weekly columnists talk about how wonderful...