Newsom loses control

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who fancies himself a solution-oriented pragmatist, has allowed the supervisors to take over the urban policy agenda

Porn 2.0

› pornomovies@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION In downtown San Francisco, if you wander off Fifth Street down a small, twisting alley nestled among the sky-high monuments...

Cruel and unusual punishment

OPINION Homelessness was recently put on trial in California. It was found not guilty. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit...

Our gang

Fag Fridays: 10 years of faggoty goodness


First off, what the frig’s up with Schwarzenegger’s hair? It’s like all day-glo puke-brown and shit. It looks like someone yodelled beef stew on...

Warm fuzzies

› superego@sfbg.com SUPER EGO Fur suit! Is there anything better? The darling buds of May are peeping through, the beautiful ladies of the...

Lesley’s turn to talk

Lesley Gore is in town this weekend, singing at Brava Theater Center. I recently had the chance to call the ‘60s teen queen who...

Sweet squares

SUPER EGO Hi, sexy. I'm a bored robot. I'm doin' the strobe-lit worm on linoleum irony. I'm freakin' worn poses in the mirror of...

{Empty title}

Joe O'Donoghue's foul play

Faggots everywhere!

So I was falling out at promoter Scott Brown’s fave queer monthly Faggot at the former Daddy's, now 440 Castro, last week (somebody slipped...

Inside the belly of the dog

A blog on his birthday for Sasha


"You sound like such an old fogey when you go on about 'the club kids.' And how you do go on," hissed a perfectly...


Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt.

True grits

The Gossip's Beth Ditto is cooking with meat - and mixing riot grrrl gospel with punk rock panache

Third time’s a charm

The Gossip raise the roof with their breakthrough album, Standing in the Way of Control

Glamorous disease

 DO YOU LIKE  to celebrate Christmas? Do television commercials fill you with desire for the products advertised? Do you wear gender-appropriate clothing and hairstyles?...

Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

EVER SINCE THAT fateful day on the family farm when our stud calf Beauregard threw me from his back and rammed me several...


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