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Queer Issue 2011

PRIDE TOP 5: Bobby Viteritti’s sleaze songs

June 24, 2011
DJ Bobby Viteritti, the resident DJ at San Francisco's legendary Trocadero Transfer from 1977 - 1981, appears on the new Horse Meat Disco CD,...

PRIDE TOP 5: Horse Meat Disco

June 23, 2011
Magical UK disco foursome Horse Meat Disco (the four horsemen of the discopocalypse?) are joining House of Stank at Juanita More's super-kiki Pride party...

PRIDE TOP 5: House of Stank

June 23, 2011
House of Stank is coming to town for Pride, playing Sunday at Juanita More!'s infamous pool party. We asked the NYC house and tech...

The Queer Issue 2011

June 22, 2011

Ride over the rainbow with Kreayshawn, Roaddawgs, Susie Bright, the annual Hot Pink List and our mega-guide to hot Pride action. 

The Guardian Hot Pink List 2011

June 22, 2011
For the past few years, as part of our annual Queer Issue, we've rounded up a few of the people who have inspired us...

Queer Issue 2011: Scenes from the road

Eager to include the voices of queer youth in our 2011 Queer Issue, we asked the artists at Roaddawgz, a Tenderloin homeless youth creative drop-in...

Getting what you want

Second annual This Is What I Want plumbs the nature of desire

Go with the flow

QUEER ISSUE: Oakland rap phenom Kreayshawn reps a casual Bay sexuality

She’s got the look

Cat Perez's Lesbians in San Francisco blog captures queer hotness

Bright on

Dyke porn pioneer Susie Bright opens up with Big Sex Little Death

No equality without economic equality

The unified San Francisco queer movement is history

Editor’s notes

Gay youth aren't over the rainbow yet

Yearbook of heartbreak and outrage

A 40-year retrospective highlights the Bay Area Reporter's heroic AIDS coverage