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Local businesses underrepresented in city contract awards

By Rebecca Bowe At Monday’s Land Use and Economic Development Committee hearing, Human Rights Commission Executive Director Chris Iglesias reported on how many locally owned...

Don’t drill here

Green City: Polar bears, sea turtles, other marine mammals -- and those were just the protesters

Shades of green

The Green Issue: Will SF really use its federal 'green jobs' money to lift up working class communities?

Housing is economic stimulus

We need calls demanding that a share of economic recovery funding be given directly to local organizations to develop desperately needed housing and community spaces

The future is on track

Voters narrowly approve high-speed rail bond measure after a perilous run-up to the election

The Green Energy Revolution

A well-thought-out piece by the manager of the Yes on H campaign: By Julian Davis The United States of America and the Planet are teetering on...

The stealth candidate

Ahsha Safai tries to be all things to District 11 voters -- but he refuses to explain his many contradictions and false statements

Mayor’s economic stimulus plan — huh?

Gavin Newsom just announced an "economic stimulus plan" for San Francisco. Guess he wants to get in on the action. Unfortunately, there's not a...

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco races

Board of Supervisors, Board of Education, Community College Board, and BART Board of Directors

The big landlords’ blackmail

If these thugs can threaten a popular and essential public works program, then the mayor and the supervisors will forever be vulnerable

Elsie update

Robert Reed, Public Relations Manager for the Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company emailed me this week, in response to my coverage of Elsie...

A planning primer for the supes

Everyone in town ought to be fighting a developer giveaway that brings the city nothing

Opening the corridor

San Francisco is a dangerous town for butterflies

Newsom’s missing trees

Spinning out the Urban Forest

Freedom of Information: Battleship metadata

Legislation on mapping software would create an expensive new category of public records

Team Newsom’s $$$ value. More or less.

Before we get to the juicy details of how much money Team Newsom is taking home, it's worth noting that Mayor Gavin Newsom spent...

Editor’s Notes

36 hours later PG&E still couldn't get the power back on along Third Street.

Consolidating power

Proposal calls for most city permitting to be placed under a controversial new department head

Cut the cleaners

In stories on the $229 million budget deficit that San Francisco could be facing next year, both the Chronicle and the Examiner used the...


The top 10 big stories the US news media missed in the past year

Where is the love?

How can we criminalize people for the sole act of living without a home and occupying public space?

Slowly derailing high speed rail

By Steven T. Jones Our political leaders in Sacramento apparently still can't muster the courage to create a high-speed rail system for California, which is...

Wolf in candidate’s clothing

By Steven T. Jones Josh Wolf -- the San Francisco blogger and videographer who spent months in prison for refusing to turn over to the...

The budget’s opening battle

Sparks fly from the Newsom/Daly budget battle