Pillow talk

Storytelling makes for gripping theater in Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman

Fireworks and smoke

A song of love -- that answers one with Anger?

A pirate diary

DVD loot in Mexico City

The other home of Bay hip-hop

Move over, Oakland and exurbia hyphy — San Francisco's Fillmore District unleashes its own fresh wave of rappers

Preparing for scary

Event planners say city officials needn't fear Halloween in the Castro

One nation under dog

Two Bush-era "America plays" connect today to the past

Feeling spooky, yeah yeah

ESG, the queens of Soul Jazz — and of post-punk funk — face SF's vampire's kiss

SPECIAL: Ghosts of Homoween

Is the gay high holy day still sacred?

SPECIAL: Scary monsters and supercreeps

Scaring up Halloween and Día de los Muertos events around the Bay

Keegan McHargue’s opening in NYC

By Mirissa Neff Better late than never right? Way back on September 21st I checked out the opening of Keegan McHargue's show The Control Group...

Roughin’ Justin

If only he'd stuck to his cheesy pistols ...


Oct. 8 Music Residual Echoes Besides having one of the sweetest, smokiest names around, Residual Echoes summon a potent mix of sounds: kraut rock, drone, and SST...


Sept. 29 Music Scissor Sisters The Scissor Sisters are a band that’s hard not to love. They call themselves ridiculous names (Ana Matronic, Paddy Boom, Babydaddy, Jake...

Twisted logos

› CHEAP EATS I wear a jean jacket with Chief Wahoo, the not exactly politically sensitive Cleveland Indians' logo, embroidered on the back. Not...

The man with the golden guns

ACTION HERO Soft-spoken and dare I say, petite, Tony Jaa hardly looks like the kind of guy who could annihilate a room full of...

Ghost story

› Dear Andrea: I was on antidepressants for a year and just came off them recently. It was situational; I have no other psych history....


SEPT. 2–4 Art and Soul Oakland Frank Ogawa Plaza and City Center, 14th St and Clay, Oakl; (510) 444-CITY, 11am-6pm. $5. The sixth incarnation...


Aug. 18 Film Accepted The Animal House knockoff, also known as the college movie, is now among the most established and rigid traditions in American filmmaking, as...

Blow up

› SONIC REDUCER I've lived in the Bay Area for more years than I ever imagined I would back in my nomadic grad student...

SF Badpublicity

Why is the Castro's most popular African American-friendly bar still shuttered?

Pan stanzas

› CHEAP EATS After three or four days of sleeping under stars, swimming in rivers, and staring into the fire, I have nothing in...

NOISE: Come in Debasement

Radical queers? Radical sluts? Radical. It's time to get out for Debasement, "a Radical Queer Social and Slut Dance" and benefit for Arab Queer...


Super Ego vs. Ejaculoid: A wild time with MC Cookie Dough and Dee Jay Pee Play


Ex-Boyfriends Sobering up and tucking our rainbow gear safely away for next year, we should reflect on Pride's flamboyant declarations of unconditional love and acceptance...