A real dialogue on trans issues

Intolerant film "The Gendercator" brought out the best in community response

Flaming creators

Hot shots of a dozen-plus-one LGBT artists bringing wild fire to the Bay Area

Editor’s Notes

Skipping through the past, in purple sequined pumps

Flipping for Pride

Cheerleading is so gay

The Queer Issue: Pride event listings

Our annual guide to Pride

The Queer Issue: Commitment slut

To bed or to wed? A bi girl explores her options

The Queer Issue: Rainbow retirement

LGBT seniors face the challenge of aging gracefully

Playing hooky from Pride? Go to the garden.

By Molly Freedenberg Looking to take a break from Pride madness next Sunday? How about a good old-fashioned Garden Party? The UC Botanical Garden is...

Jerry Falwell is dead

By Tim Redmond Back in the early 1980s, after Sister Boom Boom ran for supervisor on the "nun of the above" ticket, Jerry Falwell sent...

Summer 2007 fairs and festivals guide

ONGOING ArtSFest Various venues; For its fourth year, ArtSFest presents a showcase of theater, dance, visual art, film, music, spoken word, and more. Through...

Scott Howard

The men's club

Death of fun, the sequel

NIMBY assault! Crackdown on nightlife and outdoor events continues, even as the backlash gains strength

Her lip gloss be poppin’

Lil Mama -- I love you and your gloss. Baby Pride! If I can score an interview with her, I'll totally freak out. I'll...

Hot Lex

10 years of hot dykes and cold beer

Superlist No. 828: MMA fight clubs

Learn to destroy like a champ

SFIAAFF: These monsters are real

Soju, bad sex, and deja vu in the films of Hong Sang-soo

Why people get mad at the media (part l2) The New York Times answers questions about its slow coverage of the Walter Reed scandal...

By Bruce B. Brugmann Byron Calame, the public editor of the New York Times, spent an entire column in the Sunday New York Times...

Scruff trade

Berkeley Art Museum's marvelous Bruce Nauman show locates inspirations in the hood

The ethics of flacks

Deception by former Newsom press secretary prompts legislation creating a code of conduct for the city's public information officers


VISUAL ART Carl de Keyzer This year the co-op Magnum Photos, founded by Robert Capa and other war photographers, celebrates its 60th birthday. Magnum...

Pinkos, painters, and pansies

Daniel Hurewitz connects the identity dots among young LA's artist, activist, and fairy communities

SF Weekly’s bizarre source

By Tim Redmond Whoa. I just read Ron Russell’s big story in the SF Weekly about former Police Chief Earl Sanders, and I’m a bit dumfounded. The...

Valentine’s Day shopping guide

‘Tis better to give than get dumped

2007: a disco odyssey

Lindstrom expands the dance floor -- and the space between your ears