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Opening up

President Obama supports more sunshine, but advocates await the important details

Newsom’s state secrets

It's difficult, and at times insanely difficult, to get even basic public information out of Newsom's office

Editorial: Newsom’s state secrets

(Scroll down for Executive Editor Tim Redmond's best argument to save the Chronicle and how it ties in to James Madison's birthday, our...

Russoniello and Ryan in the cross hairs

Text by Sarah Phelan. As the city searches for a new police chief, the Board of Supervisors is intensifying efforts to oust the US Attorney...

Mayor Newsom doesn’t understand economics

By Steven T. Jones It’s maddening to read Mayor Gavin Newsom’s latest prescription for local economic recovery, which parrots the position and talking points that...

Public safety adrift

At this pivotal moment for law enforcement, will Newsom and his top deputies continue to let politics guide policy?

Ma’s JROTC bill needs to die

This simply isn't Sacramento's business

Free Press Action Fund

Here is a timely action alert from the Free Press media reform organization. It is fighting "in the media and on Capitol Hill...

Tailpipe turnaround

Bay Area leaders and communities are demanding even more to offset the harm that comes from emissions

Immigrant activists seek Newsom meeting

Will the mayor explain why SF now deports youth?

Obama lifts abortion gag rule before SF clash

By Steven T. Jones Just in time for tomorrow's dueling San Francisco abortion demonstrations, President Barack Obama today signed an executive order lifting the ban...

Good news: Obama issues executive orders on FOIA

President Obama: "Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of my presidency"...

Transportation bonanza

Inauguration Issue: The first year of Obama's term could see the biggest federal investment in transportation projects since the creation of the interstate highway system

Profiles of change

Inauguration Issue: President Obama's call for citizen action is already resonating

Dufty to run for mayor?

Stephen Seewer, the LGBT chair of the Commonwealth Club, called to tip me off to a big story that the media missed: Sup. Bevan...


Obama for president. No on 94-97. Yes on A. Our complete endorsements for the Feb. 5 election

Obama, hope .. and fighting

Everybody loves Barack Obama today. That's good; he's generating tremendous hope and energy in the Democratic Party, he's got young people excited about politics,...