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High time

DRUGS ISSUE: California could legalize pot this fall -- so why are medical marijuana providers grumbling?

The Crisis Down Under

Joseph E. Stiglitz is University Professor at Columbia University and a Nobel laureate in Economics.CANBERRA – The Great Recession of 2008 reached the farthest...

Growing pains

Oakland and other Bay Area cities move to regulate and tax medical marijuana cultivation

Anti-war groups disappointed with Obama’s speech

By Kristen Peters Bay Area-based anti-war organizations were disappointed that President Barack Obama reaffirmed his support for war in Afghanistan while ousting the commanding...

Lefty protesters greet Obama in SF

President Barack Obama arrives in San Francisco this afternoon (5/25) for a fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel, where he'll be greeted by protesters from...

Will Arizona trigger even worse federal immigration laws?

During interviews with civil and immigrant rights advocates about the complicated dynamics around immigration, several expressed concern that Arizona won't be the ultimate game...

Crossing over

Arizona law changing the political dynamics on immigration, in SF and across the country

Welcome to Elm Street: Part Five

In honor(?) of the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, we're recapping all of the Elms so far. Find more on the Pixel...

Roundup of depressing environmental news

At the Guardian, we’re busy putting together our annual Green Issue to commemorate Earth Day. It’s great that recycling and general concern for the...

The Green Party’s nadir

With its numbers down and its stars leaving, a progressive party contemplates its prospects

Family’s deportation illustrates why Campos’ amendment is needed

The case of MUNI bus driver Charles Washington, whose wife Tracey and her 13-year old son face deportation on Friday after the boy tried...

SF leaders condemn SEIU tactics

San Franciscans seem to be turning against Service Employee International Union and its national President Andy Stern this week, first with the vote by...

Robert Skidelsky: The big bank fix

If reformers are to win, they must be prepared to fight the world/s most powerful vested interest By Robert Skidelsky Robert Skidelsky, a member of...

The “jobs” shell game

Newsom pushes business tax cuts and fee delays despite evidence they do more harm than good

Joseph Stiglitz: Muddling Out of Freefall

Here is our monthly installment of Joseph E. Stiglitz's Unconventional Economic Wisdom column from the Project Syndicate news series. Stiglitz is University Professor at...

Obama to base: “Continue to fight”

Tosca in North Beach was packed last night for the State of the Union watch party that was thrown by Organizing for America, President...

Saving ocean ecosystems

GREEN CITY: Vanishing acts are becoming common for marine creatures like Pacific leatherback sea turtles

State of the immigration crisis rally

Text by Sarah Phelan As President Barack Obama prepares to make his annual State of the Union address, local immigrant advocates are calling on Obama...

Losing hope

The Afghanistan escalation has angered many Obama voters. But can the antiwar movement revive itself against a Democratic president?

Resist the Afghanistan escalation

By Steven T. Jones President Barack Obama has reportedly made the decision to send at least 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan, a move he...

The 448’s war

Nation's only gay American Legion post, after fighting for its right to exist, pushes to end "don't ask, don't tell"

Listen to the community

Obama and the feds make progress, but officials say more AIDS help is still needed

Poor turnout

Global poverty demonstration sets world record, despite lackluster U.S. showing

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

By Steven T. Jones Whether or not President Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize – which is a subject of great debate today by...