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Pope announces evolution

Reflecting the growing political acceptance of same-sex marriage around the world, Pope Francis has unexpectedly announced that God's position on the issue is “evolving.”Speaking...


March 26, 2013
Submit political events to be listed in Alerts at alert@sfbg.com or tweet us @SFBG_alerts.WEDNESDAY 3Protest Obama fundraiser outside the Getty mansion 2870 Broadway, SF....

Keystone pipeline protesters bound for Pac Heights

March 21, 2013
Environmentalists opposing the Keystone XL oil pipeline are gearing up to protest in San Francisco's wealthy Pacific Heights neighborhood on April 3, when President...

#OpenData just got a teeny bit more open

March 7, 2013
We were disheartened when, after submitting some fairly innocuous questions to the Mayor’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Nath, we received zero answers. By the...

Oil pipeline protest coming to San Francisco

February 15, 2013
Forward on Climate, an event billed as the largest climate rally in history, will have a presence in San Francisco on Feb. 17. With...

Surfing to shoot

Federal law loophole and thousands of arms listings make it easy to buy guns online

King’s ideals echoed in SF and DC events

January 21, 2013
Labor leaders and a plethora of elected officials from San Francisco – including almost the entire Board of Supervisors – began today at the...

Spies on the corner

San Franciscans are in the dark about the city's plans for surveillance streetlights


November 27, 2012
WED, NOV. 28Grannies rally against fiscal cliff outside the Federal Building, Mission and 7th streets, SF, free, jreid@californiaalliance.org. The California Alliance for Retired Americans,...


The top stories you didn't read in the mainstream media: expanding police state, NATO war crimes, criminalized protests, more

David Lee and his landlord backers raise the stakes in District 1

October 4, 2012
Realtors and commercial landlords have transformed the supervisorial race in District 1 into an important battle over rent control and tenants' rights, despite their...

Obama’s appeal to SF’s divided Left draws mixed reactions

September 7, 2012
President Barack Obama has a divided political base, as local Democrats who showed up at the Laborers Local 261 hall last night to hear...

Protesters tell Obama to free Bradley Manning

September 6, 2012
Led by veterans from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, supporters of army PFC Bradley Manning protested in some 35 US...


San Francisco did everything right. Now the feds are shutting down legal marijuana in town. And nobody can figure out what happened

Two of SF’s most venerable cannabis dispensaries get shut down

Sadness, anger, and confusion hung thick in the fragrant, smoky air of two of San Francisco's oldest and most prominent medical marijuana dispensaries –...

Medical marijuana patients demand an end to federal raids as President Obama arrives in Oakland

July 23, 2012
As President Obama arrives in Oakland for a fundraiser today, medical marijuana activists have already made a point with a rally on the steps...

Guest opinion: RCV is good for progressives

Since San Francisco began using ranked choice voting in 2004 and public financing of campaigns in 2002, the city has been a leader in...

Obama: gay OK, pot not

Obama's sudden nod to "states' rights" somehow doesn't include medical marijuana

Only real change can avert more conflict

This week's May Day events brought together immigrant groups, labor unions, and activists with the Occupy movement to confront gross inequities in our economic...

Guardian endorsements for June 5 election

Sure, the primaries are a joke -- but your vote still matters. Our take on the trash wars, the DCCC race, and more local elections

Happy Tax Day, suckers

It's Tax Day, the deadline for filing income tax returns, which seems like an appropriate time for Senate Republicans to kill President Barack Obama's...

Will Obama bring the populist fire in tonight’s speech?

January 24, 2012
President Barack Obama has a choice for how he uses his State of the Union speech this evening. He could follow the advice of...

Stuck in reverse

January 4, 2012
Some days, you wake up, check the news, and wonder just what the hell happened to this country. And I'm not talking about that...


January 3, 2012
news@sfbg.comFRIDAY 6Pathology of wealth Progressive author and speaker Michael Parenti discusses this country's dysfunctional political and economic systems during a lecture entitled "Democracy and...