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Pension reform

Endorsements 2013

Stop the 8 Washington project! No, no, no on B, no on C, yes on A, re-elect Hererra. Our guide to the Nov. 5 elections

Compromises deliver results

OPINION When Guardian Editor Steven T. Jones asked me to respond to his recent columns ("Chiu becomes City Hall's go-to guy for solving tough...

UCSF medical centers prepare for strike

On Tuesday morning at 4 a.m., a 48-hour strike will begin at University of California medical centers across the state. The strike was called...

Hospital union targets UC executive pensions [VIDEO]

An update to this story has been posted below.An ongoing labor rift is intensifying between frontline University of California hospital employees and the UC...

Care clash

UC hospital workers allege unsafe working conditions

Compromise measures

Housing and business tax propositions don't solve the city's problems, but both sides say they're the best we can expect

Taxes and pension reform

Our friends at CalBuzz, who are almost always right, have a point when they say that the right wing is going to use the...

Meister: It’s not true, what they say about pensions

By Dick Meister Dick Meister, former labor editor of the SF Chronicle and KQED-TV Newsroom, has covered labor and politics for more than...

Why the public thinks government is fat

Polls from the PPIC are typically pretty accurate, so I have no reason to doubt the results of a recent one showing that a...

Money and values

Warren Hellman played a unique role in San Francisco and left a void that needs to be filled

Lessons from 2011 for 2012

With the release of precinct results for the 2011 election, we are able to actually see, for the first time, what San Francisco voters...

Adachi, smiles, frets about Prop C

By Shawn GaynorA montage of campaign pictures projected on the wall of the packed Harbor Court Hotel ballroom (totally fancy, good desert) show a...

The first numbers

The absentees are in, and it's no surprise that Mayor Ed Lee is in the lead. In fact, he's way in the lead --...

Lee benefits from vetoing health care reform

Downtown groups that pressured Mayor Ed Lee to veto legislation that would have prevented businesses from raiding their employees' health savings accounts have been...

Adachi video attacks public financing

This is odd: An eight-minute video narrated by Matt Gonzalez in support of Jeff Adachi devotes a considerable amount of time to attacking public...

The Guardian Clean Slate 2011

Avalos for mayor, Mirkarimi for sheriff: Our voter printout guide to take to the polls on Nov. 8

On Guard!

Lee hit with voter tampering allegations and negative mailers, but he dodges questions about a homophobic colleague -- and more news you need to know this week.

On Guard!

Lee lets businesses raid health funds, restaurants back Chiu, and Ellison offers a sneak-peek to America's Cup labor standards

Will Mayor Lee veto legislation that helps workers and protects consumers?

After the Board of Supervisors today voted 6-5 to bar San Francisco businesses from pocketing money they and their patrons set aside for employee...

Endorsements 2011

Avalos for mayor. Mirkarimi for sheriff. Onek for district attorney. Yes on C, No on D, E, and F ... complete endorsements for the San Francisco election

Defy the business community’s shameless ultimatum

On the same day that a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that many San Francisco restaurants are scamming their customers by tacking an employee...

On Guard!

Our perspective on the week's most notable San Francisco news

On Guard!

Our perspective on the week's most notable San Francisco news


ALERTS By Oona Robertson alert@sfbg.comWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31 "Dinner, Disco, & Dance" Mayoral candidate John Avalos, Sheriff candidate Ross Mirkarimi, and District Attorney candidate David Onek will...