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There are even more inappropriate PG&E emails

October 8, 2014
Even more internal Pacific Gas & Electric Co. emails – this time flagged by activists focused on safety concerns at a nuclear power plant...

Prop. L puts cars over people

September 30, 2014
By Fran Taylor OPINION Just as climate change most affects people who contributed little or nothing to causing it, pollution and injury from traffic...

TIFF 2014: American standouts

September 24, 2014
Jesse Hawthorne Ficks reports from the recent 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Previous installment here!In high school, Hal Hartley was my first cinematic battle....

Privacy, identity, and Facebook

September 23, 2014
 By Nadia Kayyali OPINION People are disappearing. At least, that's how it feels on Facebook. Since the suspension of drag queen and activist Sister...

Folsom Special: Guerrilla Queer Bar returns as leather “Pop-Up”

September 18, 2014
Picture it: the Marina, 2000, a club called Trap Door playing goofy throwback hip-hop, shirty dudes and "woo" girls playing the heter-mating game with...

Rep Clock: Sep 17-23, 2014

September 17, 2014
Schedules are for Wed/17-Tue/23 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double features marked with a •. All times pm unless...

Sex in the Matrix

Virtual reality porn is coming soon, whether we're ready or not for its many implications

Reform BART’s approach to labor

September 16, 2014
By Christina Olague OPINION If BART is part of your daily commute, you know how critical a reliable system is to Bay Area working...

Toronto International Film Festival report: in defense of the long, long movie

September 16, 2014
The unstoppable Jesse Hawthorne Ficks keeps his eyes open 24/7 through another Toronto International Film Festival, and lives to tell the tale (but shares no...

Rep Clock: September 10 – 16, 2014

September 9, 2014
Schedules are for Wed/10-Tue/16 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double features marked with a •. All times pm unless...

Film Listings: September 10 – 16, 2014

September 9, 2014
Film listings are edited by Cheryl Eddy. Reviewers are Kimberly Chun, Dennis Harvey, Lynn Rapoport, and Sara Maria Vizcarrondo. For rep house showtimes, see...

Jock joints

The 420 Games and weed-smoking pro athletes counter the image of lazy potheads

To the classrooms, Baby Boomers

OPINION As long as I've been substitute teaching, people have asked what I thought we could do to improve public schools. With all of...

Tale of two Internets

Officials work to close the digital divide, an inequitable reality even in high-tech SF

Owen Pallett on integrity, having his boyfriend as a manager, and the baroque pop of ‘In Conflict’

September 8, 2014
You probably wouldn’t assume that someone who’s been putting out solo material for nearly 10 years would be best known for their contributions to...

Schools not prisons

Support Prop. 47

Norquist, tech titans, and whether Burning Man is positively affecting society

September 3, 2014
Is Burning Man really making Bay Area technology titans, right-wing ideologues, and other uber-capitalists more community-minded? Do they really come back from the desert...

He hates these cans! How helping Muni becomes hating nonprofits

September 2, 2014
While I’m reluctant to give this self-serving poverty pimp any more attention or web traffic, it’s hard to ignore the latest misleading hit piece...

Flynn and out

Hollywood-scandal tale 'The Last of Robin Hood' comes up short

Nuclear shakeup

Leaked earthquake safety document raises fresh concerns about Diablo Canyon, which activists want shut down

Little Dragon roosts at The Fox

August 21, 2014
By Rob GoszkowskiJanet Jackson was in heavy rotation when Little Dragon went to work on Nabuma Rubberband, the album they released in May. That’s...

Too many parking tickets in SF

August 19, 2014
 By David Hegarty OPINION San Francisco made $87 million in parking citation revenue in 2012; roughly double what the city made off actual paid...

Film festival organizers call for safer San Francisco streets

August 18, 2014
Editor’s Note: Aug. 19 marks the Bay Area Global Health Film Festival, hosted by the Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology. The theme of this...

This Week’s Picks: August 13 – 19, 2014

August 12, 2014
THURSDAY 14 Kevin Morby If you're enough of an indie rock fan, you might have heard Kevin Morby's work without knowing it. He's played bass...