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Fat kids, tranny tiaras, and NonStop Bhangra

Eau joy

The aural-mineral joys of Japan

CLUBS: “I’m famous, bitches — at BOOTIE!”

Club BOOTIE is a San Francisco club treasure -- as our fabulous young intern Justin Juul was to find out last weekend. Read below...

Notes from the underground

Where's the party — after 2 a.m.? Welcome to the scene unseen

Clubber’s index

› superego@sfbg.com SUPER EGO To paraphrase an even bigger Gaye than me: what the fuck's going on? Bloodshed and glitter, testosterone and falsies, international hatred...

Sunny side of the scream

In a world of disappearing all-female bands, the Bay Area's Erase Errata turn in their strongest recording to date


JULY 14 VISUAL ART "Cosmic Wonder" Green baked goods, acid flashbacks, good times, bad trips - one expects all that and more packed into the Yerba Buena...


"Jozi has an unlawful attitude that ignites your vice," says my friend Gennaro, a 25-year-old gay South African native and nightlife fiend. "Whatever your...

Oh, behave!

Super Ego gets schooled at the Be Nice Party

Sweet squares

SUPER EGO Hi, sexy. I'm a bored robot. I'm doin' the strobe-lit worm on linoleum irony. I'm freakin' worn poses in the mirror of...

Trannyshack east

Apparently all drag queens work for tips. Last year, a gay club owner in Manhattan wanted to copy the aberrant-behavior-fest known as Trannyshack,...


"You sound like such an old fogey when you go on about 'the club kids.' And how you do go on," hissed a perfectly...