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Chatting up Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas

Chances are, you probably have the Daily Kos blog open on one of your browser tabs right now. The fiercely progressive blog and community...

On KPFA, Gavin Newsom ducks the tough ones

March 21, 2013
Gavin Newsom sat down for an hour with Brian Edwards-Tiekert of KPFA's Up Front, and the show is remarkable. Brian was a little less...

How to buy followers and influence people

For $26, I gained 2,500 followers -- and you can, too! Adventures in being fake popular on Twitter

Guardian endorsements for June 5 election

Sure, the primaries are a joke -- but your vote still matters. Our take on the trash wars, the DCCC race, and more local elections

Calvin Trillin: End of the line for Newt?

April 18, 2012
End of the line for Newt?Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who has been the biggest backer to a group supporting Newt Gingrich, said...

Calvin Trillin: On not leaving the field

April 2, 2012
On not leaving the field Ring-wingers who want to be heardNote Newt's place is solidly third.But if right wing votes were combined,The front-runner might...

Nite Trax: American Mavericks fest brings big organ, Bach phantasm, fruit smoothie

March 17, 2012
"The best form of government ... is no government at all!" announced singer Meredith Monk in the second program of the SF Symphony's rollicking...

Calvin Trillin: Romney unconcerned about the poor

February 24, 2012
Romney says he's not concerned about the poor"The remark about the poor immediately became catalogued in a growing list of awkward comments by Mr....

Calvin Trillin: Adelson, Adelson

February 13, 2012
ADELSON(Sung by Newt Gingrich supporters, to the tune of "Edelweiss," from the Sound of Music)Adelson, Adelson,Your donations do cheer him.We who rootFor our NewtSmile...

Calvin Trillin: Explaining the resurrection of Newt Gingrich

February 8, 2012
Two attempts to explain the resurrection of Newt Gingrich1Yes, Newt appeared  dead at least twice. If Mitt's guys were playing it smart,They would have made...

Calvin Trillin: Newt lays into Mitt

January 21, 2012
It's "pious baloney." Yes, pious baloney.What Mitt speaks, Newt says, is remarkably phony:His citizen pose is all hooey;He's hungered for office like Thomas E....

The GOP primary: Enjoy the show

January 20, 2012
The 49ers game isn't until Sunday, but in the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying the spectacle that is the Republican primary in South Carolina....

Newt Gingrich, commie radical

January 11, 2012
Actually, more likely Newt Gingrich, Scorched Earth Opportunist, but whatever, we'll take it: Newt -- he the friend of plutocrats and one-time lobbyist for...

The 2011 Lamebow Awards

The absolute worst of a very queer year


Presenting the Off Guard Awards for the worst of a year that almost wouldn't end

The Iowa Caucuses are silly (but we’re all watching)

January 3, 2012
We all know (or we ought to) that Iowa is radically unrepresentative of the United States and that the Iowa Caucuses are a dumb...

My (latest) favorite website ever

December 14, 2011
Rick Perry will fight a chicken with hand. He says so himself, right here. And Newt Gingrich reminds us that you can't think when...

The women who love Herman Cain

December 2, 2011
Sexual harassment is serious, and Herman Cain ought to be held to account for the sizable number of allegations against him. (Really, whatever Cain...

The Performant: Hamburger helpers

November 30, 2011
There’s certainly no shortage of live comedy in the Bay Area, but you have to hand it to Club Chuckles for keeping it weird....

Dick Meister: Newt’s wacko 18th century idea

November 25, 2011
Providing services is secondary to them, however needed the services might be. Saving money is their concern, whatever the consequences of the savings...

Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal

August 18, 2009
B3: Thom Hartman, on his Air America radio talk show, summed up his health care proposal in one line: From birth to death, everyone...

Look who’s pushing Prop. 8

September 3, 2008
Newt Gingrich, that great three-times-divorced defender of family values, has made a new ad for Prop. 8. I wonder who the Yes on 8...

A key test for Pelosi

EDITORIAL Rep. Nancy Pelosi's signature legislation came out of a Republican Congress. It was shortly after Newt Gingrich and his gang took control of...