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Holy crap is there a lot of good new music coming out of the Bay this week

October 8, 2014
Looking for something to get you past the hump of Hump Day? Well put down that "which Disney princess is your dog" quiz right...

Chuck Prophet on glam rock, his new record, and how the Castro is turning into a strip mall

October 2, 2014
Chuck Prophet's been around the San Francisco music scene long enough to make a name for himself in a few regards: He can be...

Two-fer Tuesday: New music videos from Cathedrals and The Stone Foxes

September 30, 2014
Because nothing showcases the breadth of music being made in the Bay Area better than some chilled-out electro R&B followed by a driving blues-rock...

Double Duchess is back, and this time they’ve brought Kelly Osbourne

September 19, 2014
Is the drab Friday weather outside getting you down as you gear up for a weekend full of leather- and whip-filled debauchery?Never fear! You...

No thanks, Bono

Three new albums that should magically appear on your iPod in place of Songs of Innocence

WATERS sign to Vagrant, drop new single “I Feel Everything”

September 9, 2014
Van Pierszalowski, the songwriter and primary ringleader of SF's WATERS, has always seemed like a guy on the brink of wide(r)spread stardom. The band's...

Local love: Fresh fall jams from Cathedrals, Terry Malts, The Seshen, and more

September 3, 2014
You know that feeling where, if you see one more headline about how all the artists and musicians have fled San Francisco and the...

Patronize me

CAREERS + ED A new site from SF musicians aims to get artists paid for their work — using the oldest idea in the book

Watch: Lil B’s “No Black Person Is Ugly”

July 30, 2014
Because we've all been proving in this space lately that we're intelligent, forward-thinking adults who can talk about ethnicity with nuance, sensitivity, and a...

Rep Clock: July 16 – 22, 2014

July 15, 2014
Schedules are for Wed/16-Tue/22 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double and triple features marked with a •. All times...

This Week’s Picks: July 9 – 15, 2014

July 8, 2014
 WEDNESDAY 9  'A Hard Day's Night' In 1964, Beatlemania thoroughly swept America. Fifty years after the Fab Four's stateside and film debuts, San Francisco's celebrations...

Live Shots: Burger Boogaloo 2014, Take #1

July 8, 2014
About 30 minutes into this year's Burger Boogaloo, I noticed a guy walking around in a Tool shirt. Ten minutes later, I saw another...

A benefit series aims to keep the unique Meridian Gallery afloat

In 2001, interns at Powell Street's Meridian Gallery planned and painted a 13x48 foot mural on the wall of the SRO Hartland Hotel, a few blocks...

Rep Clock: June 25 – July 1, 2014

June 24, 2014
Schedules are for Wed/25-Tue/1 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double and triple features marked with a •. All times...

Fuck Buttons on their wildly visual live show, the writing process, and bringing “fuck” to the world stage

June 24, 2014
“I think I’ve heard of them before,” is the kind of spineless response you’ll never hear if you ask someone about Fuck Buttons.  If...

Doo-wop (that thing): talking with the cast of ‘Jersey Boys’

June 18, 2014
The backstage musical that turned the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons — known for 1960s doo-wop ditties like "Sherry," "Big Girls...

Listen: Katie Day’s anti-tech bro jam “San Francisco (Before the West Falls)”

June 3, 2014
Between POW!'s "Hi-Tech Boom," the schticky "Google Bus Song" from Cachebox, and Violent Vickie's "Fuck You!!!!!", it's safe to say San Francisco musicians —...

To the desert and back

The Fresh and Onlys' Tim Cohen ditches the city for rural Arizona and returns with a new record — and new tensions

Thick as blood: Sibling duo Broods are the next kiwis on the rise

May 15, 2014
“Kiwis tend to hold back and be too humble. They don’t want to be over-confident, but I think people are starting to...

Swimming solo

Birds & Batteries' frontman steps dreamily out on his own. Plus: BottleRock 2.0, and The Chapel says "everyone chill"

This Week’s Picks: May 7 – 13, 2014

May 6, 2014
WEDNESDAY 7  Science Talk: "The Mysteries of Sleep" Wonderfest, "the Bay Area Beacon of Science," is a nonprofit that has been organizing fun, funky...

The shaman, the oracle, and the engineer

Sleep Genius bands are pushing boundaries — and proving the Bay Area underground is alive and well

Listen: Yesway’s “Howlin’ Face”

April 29, 2014
Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing aren't exactly strangers to the Bay's indie-folk scene — Johansing's second solo LP, 2013's Ghosts, has spread like lush...

José James on Ice-T, moving forward, and stone-cold jazz

April 24, 2014
By Micah DubreuilYou might not be alone if you do a double-take when hearing José James’ new single for the first time. The song,...