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Brass in pocket

Extra Action Marching Band puts the chaos and cool in your halftime music collective

That’s amore

DocFest loves up pizza, pageants, and pinball

Business ethics 101

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce's publishing company is accused of shorting employees

Crazy on you

› paulr@sfbg.com Kookez looks like a name from The Epic of Gilgamesh, or perhaps the name of some lost city in ancient Persia...

Going low-tech

› naturesucks@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I had the urge to be low-tech, so I spent a day walking across Manhattan. If you believe that culture...

A strong small-business agenda

EDITORIAL You read the academic journals these days, or peruse economic-development Web sites, and everyone seems to be talking about sustainable urban economics. It's...

Warm fuzzies

› superego@sfbg.com SUPER EGO Fur suit! Is there anything better? The darling buds of May are peeping through, the beautiful ladies of the...

Mapping The Descent

Seeking scream therapy at the festival? Search no further

Cocky bull story

The Outsider pays tribute to the legendary ... James Toback?


CHEAP EATS "Did you hear about the barn swallows in Minnesota?" Earl Butter said, while we were waiting for our waffles. "This reminds me,"...

Hotel California

Z marks the present moment in Culture Clash's excellent Zorro in Hell

The steak-out

EDIBLE COMPLEX In a very 20th-century way, steak connotes adulthood. A turning point for me was a visit to one of those cook-it-yourself steak...

Monkey business

How Stephen Lisberger became the poster boy for UCSF's animal welfare problems.

So much flesh, so little personality

Madonna. At Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Monday, July 20th. During the encores of the first of her two spectacular shows at Shoreline Amphitheatre last week,...

Curchack returns to the roost

For nine years experimental performance artist Fred Curchack lived in Sebastapol and toiled away just above the obscurity line. As a part-time drama instructor...